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Brixham Tesco developers are 'confident application will be well received'

By Herald Express  |  Posted: December 15, 2012

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A PLANNING application has officially been filed with Torbay Council for a Tesco store and new town houses for Brixham's central car park.

Developers Albourne Property are hoping to start work on the £20million mixed use development next spring if Torbay planners give the go-ahead.

The scheme would see a multi-level car park with 340 spaces, 32,000 sq ft supermarket and retail space, small unit shops, 11 town houses, three flats, a Shopmobility unit and public space.

The newly-submitted plans (pictured) are the same as those shown during a three-day public exhibition in the Town Hall.

Albourne said its plans aimed to attract local shoppers back into Brixham to do their weekly food shop and provide 'vital modern parking facilities for all town centre businesses'.

Richard Batham-Read, development director with Albourne, said the development would 'increase the vitality and prosperity of the town'.

He said: "The scheme benefits are significant both in terms of planning policy and economic impact.

"The redevelopment has been a long standing policy objective in the regeneration of Brixham and our proposals accord with those policy objectives.

"The economic rationale is also well established, with Brixham experiencing very high levels of convenience and comparison expenditure leakage to other locations with no associated benefits for the town.

"Given retailing trends, this level of leakage is only likely to increase over time.

"We have undertaken extensive pre-application consultation with Torbay Council, key stakeholders and through two public exhibitions. Of those who attended the most recent exhibition in November, 62 per cent were in favour which is an improvement on the 50 per cent this time last year, reflecting the efforts made to improve the quality of design and integration with the surrounding fabric.

"This level of support is unusual given people's natural inclination to only voice objection. We are confident our application will be well received and that consent will be forthcoming early next year."

The development is expected to create 172 jobs.

The proposals have split opinion in the port, with some residents categorically opposed to a Tesco store, fearing it would kill off independent shops and cause traffic chaos during the 24-month construction period.

Albourne is hoping to have its planning application dealt with next February.

Mr Batham-Read said: "It is too early to suggest when works may commence on site, but we will be discussing time scales with the council to ensure any disturbance and inconvenience is kept to a bare minimum.

"We have listened to local concern over the temporary loss of parking and will work with the council and local groups to seek solutions."

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  • Bleach  |  December 25 2012, 11:27AM

    You don't have to "quote" everything. It looks "silly".

    |   -1
  • jenny12  |  December 24 2012, 12:40PM

    What utter nonsense you espouse

  • reiwruwiou  |  December 24 2012, 9:39AM

    Jenny12, watch that foot of yours... As I have always stated, I am not against a big supermarket (provided that the parking issue is addressed), and I agree that a Tesco, in the right place, can be a good thing... I just don't think that Brixham is the right place for a retailer that sells absolutely everything, and has the ability and motivation to undercut almost every single retailer in the confined trading environment of the town (but not, apparently, other supermarket chains.) I should also point out that Wokingham thrives not because of Tesco, but due to its proximity to the "Silicon Valley", London, etc. Many would argue that the town didn't really "pick up" until the large Waitrose was built. A key point as well is that Wokingham has THREE large stores competing with each other, not one competing with nobody but the small retailers. As I have also said before there were other interested parties - they put plans forward which were roundly reject for a host of small reasons, and promptly lost interest. Tesco have, on the other hand, been "green lighted" all the way (even some of the objections to the other stores have mysteriously "melted way" when it came to Tesco's application, such as size, etc.) Just because Tesco has expressed an interest it doesn't mean that they are automatically the best - you don't always marry the first person who asks you. The town won't die if we have to wait another five years for an offer, but it might die if you close the main car park for 18 months...

    |   1
  • jenny12  |  December 21 2012, 11:24PM

    Surely even you can work that one out reiwruwiou - YOU KEEP SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT! And you've done it again. You now inform us that not only is Wokingham a thriving town but also that there are no less than 3 large supermarkets in the town with 2 right in the town centre. Wokingham, like more and more towns up and down the country, are realising the potential of having large supermarkets in the town and Brixham will benefit particularly well as the supermarket will be right in the town centre in the middle of the small shops. And by the way there have been many other interested parties but Tesco is the only one to have put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. If we were to wait for a comparable offer we would have to wait for that event which didn't take place today. The end of the world

  • spindleshanks  |  December 21 2012, 4:37PM

    Think Brixham will be lucky to get any other offers given the hostility shown to Tesco. What next, BRASS, BRAMS, BRAAS? Or is an offer from Bejams, Liptons or Macfisheries expected in the post soon?

  • reiwruwiou  |  December 21 2012, 11:04AM

    abcxyz, for someone who has never actually been to Wokingham, you seem to feel that you have quite a detailed knowledge of it. Wokingham Tesco may be 1800 feet from the end of Denmark Street (which, I understand, equates to something like 1/3 mile), but the The Plaza is towards the southernmost end of town, and is about half way up Denmark St. I don't think that anyone can describe Tesco as being "In town" - people don't park in Tesco and stroll up to town. It would be like building the new Tesco at Monksbridge Road and claiming that it brought people into Brixham Town Centre. Wokingham also has a large M&S as well as a large Waitrose which probably contribute more to the actual town centre. The Brixham superstore would have no such competition, which is why it is vital to choose with care, and not just accept the first offer that comes along. Jenny12, not sure quite what you mean about the toes.

    |   -1
  • jenny12  |  December 21 2012, 6:53AM

    reiwruwiou, a question for you. Do you have any toes left?

    |   -1
  • Bleach  |  December 21 2012, 12:24AM

    "In that case Tesco fits in perfectly with the direction Brixham is taking - up-market" "Tesco", "up-market". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    |   4
  • abcxyz  |  December 20 2012, 10:24PM

    When we talk about in-town supermarkets we're talking about supermarkets that are in-town. In other words, not out-of-town. Out-of-town supermarkets mean having to travel out of the town like folk in Brixham having to travel to Paignton or, if it wasn't for Morrisons, folk in Totnes having to travel to Newton Abbot. That is what is meant by an out-of-town supermarket. In-town supermarkets mean not having to travel out of town. They don't, obviously, have to be right in the centre of town, they just need to be in the town, so alleviating the necessity to travel out of town. Tesco in Wokingham is quite obviously an in-town supermarket. If the good folk of Wokingham didn't have this in-town Tesco then they would have to travel out of town which, for Wokingham, would, presumably, mean having to travel to Bracknell or Reading. So, let's sum up: 1. reiwruwiou informs us that Wokingham is busier than ever. 2. Wokingham has an in-town supermarket in Tesco. 3. Er, that's it.

    |   6
  • pennington2  |  December 20 2012, 5:45PM

    In that case Tesco fits in perfectly with the direction Brixham is taking - up-market. It is no coincidence that the half dozen shops that display a BRATS sign are all on the down-market side so obviously it is in the interests of those shop owners to keep the town as down market as possible.

    |   3