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Council tax move will crucify Bay's workers

By Herald Express  |  Posted: September 06, 2012

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FROM next April, everybody of working age and on benefits will have to pay something towards their council tax bill.

We are now heading by stealth back to the dark days of the poll tax, which took no account of people's ability to pay, and it helped bring Margaret Thatcher down.

This policy will crucify Torbay's low waged workers, leaving them even worse off than they are now.

Council tax has been a noose round people's necks, because it isn't based on people's ability to pay.

Poll tax, although abolished and replaced by the same under a different name, replaced the rates, and also signalled the end of income tax increases being used as the primary source of funding vital services at local and national level, privatisation of national services like the NHS, and the privatisation of the railways.

Privatisation of our railways costs £400billion a year to subsidise, where as nationalisation of our railways prior to the 90s cost £100billion to subsidise.

Britain has been a low income tax country since the 80s, and because of this agenda we have had from right wing Government's including New Labour, council tax has been allowed to increase by stealth to fund our local services, because income tax hasn't increased.

We pay £50million a day of UK tax payers money into the EU, but we do not share European fairness and common sense in taxation, or anything else come to that, because we do not have the Euro, but that's another issue.

Our European neighbours pay much higher income tax rates than we do, but they do not have our unjust local tax system.

EU local taxes are used to fund the upkeep of churches and other local amenities. The EU state funds local services with income tax increases spread right across the board.

The Tories believe in making the poorest people work harder by taking their benefits away, or by reducing their benefits, while believing in tax cuts for the very rich.

Prior to this coalition forming, the Liberal Democrats stated many times that this country had a disproportionate tax system where the poorest people paid more in council tax and income tax in proportion to earnings than the richest people.

But from next April the situation for the poorest workers in this region will worsen.

As I see it, the Liberal Democrats could stop this policy dead in its tracks if they wanted to, because the Lib-Dems once believed in replacing council tax with a local tax based on ability to pay.

Whatever happened to that ?

Michael Thompson

South Furzeham Road


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  • Ant__  |  September 06 2012, 12:49PM

    Agree with you Michael. This is another of the hidden Tory tax hikes - anything so long as the headline income tax rate is not raised. Torbay council is consulting at the moment. http://tinyurl.com/cvtrodh Why not fill it in. Its unlikely to make a scrap of difference though, as this is top down policy.

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