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By This is Exeter  |  Posted: July 23, 2009

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DR SARAH WOLLASTON, 47, a Chagford GP and a mother of three living in Lustleigh, is a relative newcomer to the political arena.

She admits she has little political experience but says as a doctor she has 'a cool head in a crisis and objectivity in the face of difficult problems'.

She said: "Can someone with no background in politics become a politician?

"After 16 years working as a GP in rural Devon, I thought it was time for an ordinary person to stand up for some of the things we all care about; things like strong communities, local healthcare and our way of life.

"There is also a problem which kills 8,000 people every year in Britain. Both as a doctor and a victim examiner, I have seen the devastating effects of alcohol-related crime and binge-drinking and would like to have a chance to tackle them.

"I feel a good constituency MP who actually cares about people and puts their needs above party politics can make a difference.

"My qualifications for this amazing job? Only real life experience, approachability and enthusiasm."

On the South Devon Conservatives website, she says she possesses the enthusiasm, skills and necessary life experience to undertake the role of MP for Totnes.

"I have 23 years' experience in medicine and, as a GP, I have specific skills in meeting people, quickly focusing on concerns and needs and bringing a solution-focused approach to complex problems."

She says as a mother of three children, one at university and two at state schools in Torbay, she has experience of education both as a parent and as a teacher.

She is married to a psychiatrist whose responsibilities include the Totnes constituency.

"I intend to work as part of a team, sometimes in a leadership role but also listening and responding to the local party and constituents, most of whom will bring greater knowledge and insight into many issues," she said.

"I see my role as providing a platform and mouthpiece for all.

"In the current atmosphere of cynicism and mistrust of politicians, I hope the electorate of Totnes will vote for someone they feel has real life experience, can appreciate their needs and whom they can trust. Doctors are still the most trusted profession.

"I am aware this is not an easy job but would love to have the opportunity to represent you as your prospective parliamentary candidate."

Dr Wollaston says her first priority as a constituency MP would be to stand up for the interests of local people.

"I would fight to maintain community hospitals and resist the slide towards impersonal, large scale medical provision.

"I feel the health service is under-represented in Parliament and hope to be in a position to influence future Conservative health policy."

She said Totnes has long been recognised for its commitment to environmental issues and she would be proud to represent these at a national level.

"I am especially keen to promote off-road solutions and public transport links around the constituency."

She took a BSc in pathology in 1983, a medical degree at Guy's Hospital in 1986, became a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 1992, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2007.

She was forensic medical examiner for the police from 1996 to 2001; has taught medical students from Bristol and Peninsula Medical Schools for the last 10 years; is a GP trainer for Peninsula medical school from 2001, and teaching junior doctors at Exeter postgraduate centre for two years, and is an examiner for the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Dr Wollaston said: "I have very little political experience but am involved with my local constituency and understand the hard work required to win at the next election."

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    Mr. LorisGoring, Brixham  |  September 08 2009, 7:46PM

    It may seem strange that I did not vote for Dr. Sarah but it was siply that I thought as a doctor she had the noblest calling healing people and making them well rather than the many Dishonorable money grubbing liars that have been exposed in recent months. This duplicity has soured the whole nation and brought us all into disrepute throughout the world. We now desperately need both honest politicians and a political programme that will perhaps dig us out of this sloth that Blair and Brown have dragged us into. Where to begin? We need to know that in the next election none of the members who have been questioned regarding the theft of taxpayers money through their expenses will be allowed to stand. Just as important is the need for the nation to be drawn together to applaud some major improvements in society like building the Severn hydroelectric barrie dam that is said to produce 6-7% of the green electricity we need and commissioning new atomic power stations. This would take tens of thousand off the unemployed list. We need a grand gesture like this to lift the spirit of the nation. It is not as we know, M.P.'s who have been greedy but the banks who we thought had ethics we could trust have let us down. The big problem is how we can now sack tens of thousands of useless bureaucrats in "Agencies" that are actually costing us tens of billions of pounds in wasted effort. Not just in the obvious target for all- the NHS but in the hidden quangos, "consultancies" "do-gooder institutions" that are sucking the financial blood out of this country. We hope and pray that Dr.Sarah, hopefully being just one tooth in the cog wheel of the machine of Government will always be able to stand up for what is right for her own conscience and that of the electors that will give her thios power. May she be blessed with the power to do this in the name of all who will perhaps elect her.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Davido, Chagford  |  August 08 2009, 9:40AM

    Sarah W is my current GP. She is the best Doctor by miles that I have ever had. When you get comments like above and those of the Daily Telegraph are you sure you want to get into dealing with people like this. As a GP you lend a sympathetic, constructive ear. These journalists have agendas and will talk to you in a way that is both disrepectful and harsh. Will you really achieve more dealing with fending off comments like these or where you can be caring for an individual? Does adversarial politics really offer us any real solutions? Of all those I have met, Sarah W would be the most equiped to change things but i doubt even she will be able to turn our cultural decline around!

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Glyn H, East Devon  |  August 04 2009, 3:47PM

    But are you a Conservative madam? Being a medical doctor you presumably have a fair degree of common sense and intellectual ability. But Dr Howard Sproat signed up to the socialist agenda and presumably supports the malevolent incompetence of Gordon Brown and Vince Cable supposedly once had a proper job (Chief Economist at Shell) but signed up to the loony Europhile beards and sandals of the Lib Dems so being intelligent does not prevent one being a fool. Totnes floats about on a waft of magic mushrooms and chuckle shoes plus the occasional darker force amongst your shopkeepers (as I read in the press recently) but can you follow a proper Conservative agenda ¿ which includes stopping the vast waste of the EU, controlling the huge waste in the NHS (I had a pre-op this morning at the RD&E and was given a lunatic Surgery Questionnaire form ¿ an utter squandering of resources) and getting control of our borders and welfare spending especially upon those who object to the Western lifestyle they so willingly seek to suckle from? If your progeny are at ¿state schools¿ in Torbay one presumes that means the Grammar schools. Do you support their expansion? I do - and one less than a tenth of what two doctors earn I put both mine through fee paying schools! A conservative should support tax relief for such expenditure. Do you support the Charity Commission being an arm of Labour party policy, allowing Lottery money to replace proper government expenditure and seeking to remove charitable status from education?