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Date set for town council's by-elections

By Herald Express  |  Posted: February 28, 2013

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A DATE has been set for Brixham's latest town council by-election.

The by-election was called for two of the 12 seats on the authority following the resignation last month of councillors Gordon Boote and Nick Henderson.

The two councillors were supporters of the £20million proposed Tesco town centre development.

Cllr Boote resigned after the town council turned down the scheme on traffic and access issues while Cllr Henderson tendered his resignation after feeling 'more and more disenchanted' with the way the council was operating and because of personal reasons too.

Their resignations were the second and third in four months.

Last autumn, Cllr Vic Ellery resigned when he took up the post of director with the befriending charity Brixham Does Care.

He was replaced by Rosemary Clarke, the founder of the Brixham Residents Against a Tesco Superstore action group.

The latest by-election, with both seats for the St Marys with Summercombe ward, will also see BRATS candidates being fielded.

For the post left vacant by Cllr Boote, Cheryl Hampton, from BRATS, and Lindsay Harrison, a former town council clerk running as an independent, have come forward.

For the other seat, Richard Rhyl, also from BRATS, and Jessica Stock, a local businesswoman, as an independent candidate.

The election will be held on the same day to save cash as each by-election costs Brixham Town Council up to £10,000.

A spokeswoman for the authority said: "It made more sense to hold the two by-elections on the same day, especially as they are both for the same ward."

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  • Ax0l0tl  |  March 03 2013, 9:38AM

    Yet another opportunity to vote on whether or not we want a Tesco in Brixham. Another opportunity for the pro-Tesco lobby to put their arguments to democratic scrutiny.

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  • abcxyz  |  March 02 2013, 2:01PM

    Anybody know what the odds are for 10 electors calling for a parish poll to dissolve Brixham Town Council at the parish meeting on 23 May.

  • abcxyz  |  March 02 2013, 1:39PM

    Just to give an idea of what these BRATS people are really like I relate the following: This morning (Sat) I was looking in the window of the shop in Fore Street where Brixham 21 have set up an information centre regarding the proposed town centre development. A BRATS supporter brushed passed me, stormed into the shop and began tearing up the information leaflets on display, throwing them all over the place. He was shouting and swearing at the lady and gentleman there who were manning the information centre. In the end the gentleman, it was Chris Lomas the town councillor, had to restrain him and eventually managed to push this nasty individual out of the shop. The police were then called and a WPC subsequently attended although by this time the cowardly BRATS supporter had absconded. I understand he was identified though as the person who has the shop called 'Nicksart' in Middle Street and is often to be seen walking around Brixham wearing a hat with feathers attached to it so he will no doubt be shortly receiving a visit from the police if he hasn't already done so. It is a great shame that the two people in the shop had to be subjected to this disgraceful behaviour. Chris Lomas in particular works tirelessly for Brixham, even going as far as mortgaging his family home in order to secure the former church in Bolton Street for the YES group, now known as The Edge. To my mind this nasty BRATS person sums up perfectly what BRATS represent.

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  • pjbrixham  |  March 02 2013, 10:14AM

    I attended the Albourne/Tesco exhibition on Saturday 17/11/12 at Brixham Town Hall where the candidate for the forthcoming town council by-election Richard Rhyl was in attendance with two others on behalf of BRATS. There were 3 or 4 other members of the public there as well as myself and they, like me, were the recipients of one-sided comments from these BRATS people, some of which were quite preposterous. For instance, I asked if there was to be a cafeteria in the supermarket and Richard Rhyl said there was provision for one in the original proposals but it was dropped although there would be one alright as, within 2 or 3 months of completion, Tesco would install a cafeteria. It was pointed out by a member of the public that if it was a planning requirement that there wasn't to be a cafeteria then there wouldn't be one to which he replied that Tesco would do what they always do and just ignore any planning requirements! And this person wants to be a councillor?! I then pointed out to him that there are many unemployed people in Brixham, some actually having to take advantage of the Food Bank in town, for whom acquiring a job at a new store would be an absolute Godsend and asked if they didn't have any compassion for these people. Rather incredulously Richard Rhyl said that the Tesco store would employ practically nobody because of automated checkouts! I realised then that it was time to leave, which I did and returned home and immediately contacted two Brixham town councillors by both phone and e-mail (copies available) and registered a complaint which I am pleased to say was acted upon and the BRATS people and their stand (they were also collecting signatures for their petition) were not allowed into the exhibition on the Monday which was the final day. I have to say, I do fear for the future of Brixham Town Council if Richard Rhyl is the best we have to offer. My goodness me.

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  • BrixhamDes  |  March 01 2013, 10:43AM

    Same date as the first election! Doh!

    |   1
  • Mansands  |  February 28 2013, 7:09PM

    And the date is.............?

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