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'Discrimination' claim in town car park row

By Herald Express  |  Posted: July 21, 2011

TICKET TANGLE: Lisa Julyan-Webb with the parking ticket issued in Newton Abbot Torquil MacLeod

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THE family of a disabled man claims that parking rules in Teignbridge car parks are 'clear discrimination against the disabled community'.

The Webb family were shocked to find a parking fine slapped on their windscreen at the Halcyon Road town centre car park in Newton Abbot, despite wheelchair-bound Jonathan's blue disabled badge.

Now they are fighting the fine and calling for a change in the rules.

But Teignbridge Council says there are clear signs saying there are charges for disabled spaces in car parks.

Lisa Julyan-Webb said: "I think it's absolutely disgusting. It's a clear case of discrimination. We are appealing against the parking ticket.

"My husband Jason and myself were caring for his brother, Jonathan, who is registered disabled and normally lives in Cornwall but came to stay with us for a while after a bad fall.

"We decided to go into Newton Abbot town to do some shopping and we parked the car in Halcyon Road car park, where we clearly displayed Jonathan's disabled badge. Upon our return we were confused to see a Penalty Charge Notice on our vehicle.

"My husband then checked the sign and to his surprise it said 'must display a Teignbridge exemption certificate'. Jonathan's badge is issued by Cornwall County Council.

"Is Teignbridge the only council that does this?"

But Teignbridge spokesman Tim Borrett said: "There are signs both at the entrance of the car park and on all pay and display machines there. Different rules apply in every district around the country.

"We work hard to provide fair and equal services to all, and when we first introduced parking charges for disabled spaces some years ago we consulted widely with disabled people and disability groups."

He said the council was always happy to consider an appeal of a Penalty Charge Notice, but he said it is the responsibility of motorists to make sure they read the signs when they park.

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  • Martinbubba  |  July 31 2011, 9:30PM

    Well done conkerhead, as you have difficulty with the language, the boy I was referring to was yourself; as you appear to be very childish; to the point of stupidity.

  • Tomtucker_  |  July 31 2011, 8:56PM

    Pension books have gone, They replaced them with a card. STILL GO THE POST OFFICE AT PEAK TIMES THO!

  • Martinbubba  |  July 31 2011, 8:33PM

    I realise there are so many disabilities and reading some of the comments about this subject, I can honestly say I am pleased mine is only physical. When I read such comments from conkerhead, thinking pensioners waste their time forming queues in post offices....We use banks boy, we are to busy living our lives doing the things we couldn't do before as are time was filled with being successful and earning money, with drive and ambition....Keep up with the times conkerhead,trying getting off your backside and go outside, things have moved on from the days of the pension book for millions of us.. Like I say I am so pleased my disability is only pyisical.

  • conkerhead  |  July 31 2011, 7:03PM

    'I say no more' - If only that was true Martinblubber

  • Martinbubba  |  July 31 2011, 6:54PM

    I say no more you have just proved the types of people you are who the tax payers have to support, because hard work and success frightens you..you are the reason Britain is where it is today..Drive and ambition has gone..I am able bodied you are saying, the world owes me a living,Boo Hoo! I may have a disability but I still get on with hard work,not like you wasters..

  • dizzydolly  |  July 31 2011, 1:01PM

    I am sick of looking at this moaner, get rid of her mug shot now please. She should pay up and shut up like every other disabled badge holder.

  • conkerhead  |  July 31 2011, 10:27AM

    Martinblubber - 'I have the most adoring wife whose worth her weight in gold' - if you mean she's fat just say it, and I think you mean long suffering wife.

  • conkerhead  |  July 31 2011, 9:32AM

    Yeah, yeah Martinblubber, we don't want your life story. I bet you stand in front of queues at the post office talking about nothing for hours to fill your sad little life. I'll tell you whose milking the system - Dairy farmers, it's madness, madness I say.

  • Martinbubba  |  July 31 2011, 12:59AM

    Hi to all of you, I honestly think this whole debate has got out of hand and shifted away from the original point made in the letter. Let me try and end the argument so all of us can move onto some of the more serious issues. Most of you able bodied people who consider many of the disabled people are milking the system, all mentioned without evidence and difficult to prove,as it is with the many who are genuine claimants for assistance, like my sister who had her leg amputated.. In my case I have worked very hard in various posts, now 69 and prior to retiring was self employed for over 15 years, paying all my stamps taking risks all the time, no work, no pay. I was successful because I was prepared to work and take risks, I suffered for it health wise and now disabled and I get exactly the benefits I paid for, I own my home and my car is mine, paid for by me. My saving dwindle away on extra things I require for my disability. From someone who was in the thick of things in commerce, dealing and enjoyment of work, I now work hard at ensuring I get through today for tomorrow because of health issues. I have the most adoring wife who is worth her weight in gold who keeps me going. This is not a sob story but reality and I want no sympathy as millions are worse off than myself and you. I would willingly give any of you able bodied people all my savings, my house, my car and everything I have, but not my wife to be back to a normal healthy person that I was.. Only someone totally brain dead would swap places with me... If you able bodied people think being disabled is a bed of roses and we are ripping you off, think again you haven't got a clue..Many moaning able bodied people moaning about the less fortunate in society are basically very lazy. They think the world owes them a living without working for it and they will never be successful. Successful people take life by the throat use it to their advantage with honest hard work and stop moaning when it goes wrong as it sometimes does, forget when it goes wrong and work on the times it went right and don't give up. Lazy people need not apply as it doesn't work for you! You healthy lot out there who keep moaning about the less fortunate in society, get off you backsides instead of watching TV. take a few risks in commerce, earn some extra money, pay more taxes and pay off the dept. Many of us worked more hours than you can imagine for the luxuries of life, whats wrong with you doing the same, or is hard work tabu these days? You are quick to have a go at the disabled and yet you are able bodied people behaving as though you have disabilities. I wouldn't have had time to comment on sites like this when I was able bodied. I would have been out earning as much as I could, as I liked good living. Stop moaning and get on with earning your life, as we have done.

  • conkerhead  |  July 30 2011, 5:24PM

    Free cars, I thought only illegal immigrants got free cars at the tax payers expense, sorry asylum seekers. Sorry to the liberals I should have said poor unfortunate people living on the margins of society.