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THE HOTEL: Sausages and stag nights

By GuyHenderson  |  Posted: January 15, 2013

Alison Pennell, Mark Jenkins, Christian Scott-Lee

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IN THE latest episode of the hit Channel Four reality show The Hotel, it was all about the sausages for the staff at Torquay's Grosvenor Hotel.

In Episode Three of the series, boss Mark Jenkins decides the key to attracting extra upmarket guests is to invest in a new gourmet sausage.

He plans to launch a new five-star breakfast, with the new sausage as the main attraction. Guests can opt to pay extra for the posh sausage, which they will then eat in a roped-off VIP area.

The show begins with the arrival of a stag party from Bristol, and with management from the hotel taking a look at how other hotels cater for the well-heeled guest.

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Then Mark has a brainwave about giving his "premium" guests a better class of sausage with their breakfast...

Meanwhile, a visiting puppy is misbehaving and the stag night is also getting messy.

In the final part of the show, the long-awaited premium sausage breakfast is not going entirely to plan, either.

Tweets with the hashtag #thehotel during the show formed part of our live blog!

‏@robertsandford This so called manager of #thehotel is a total joke! I wouldn't put him in charge of doing the dishes!

‏@GingerJohnny Mark Jenkins for the next prime minister of Great Britain! @thehotel_Mark #thehotel

‏@mat711 Went to #TheHotel complete with Guardian newspaper and I'm sure I did not get a devon chunky. #SausageGate

‏@AFBoycie Is that program #TheHotel for real ? Or is it a mockumentary ? Haha its too funny

‏@shellsy81 Love this programme, makes it even more amusing its in our home town! Classic #thehotel

‏@lhatfull Those GV's of Torquay make me homesick everytime, back to sausage gate I guess #TheHotel

‏@Graciie_Dee I love this programme. Mark is a right plonker but I love it. #sausagegate #thehotel

‏@ExThompson Want to go stay at The Grosvenor just so I can meet Mark the manager #thehotel

‏@MDmummy I so want to go to #TheHotel for a weekend. I'm a Sunday times reader so guaranteed the upgraded 'chunky sausage'love this bizarre show

‏@grimmers this sausage drama is sending me under ‏@CreativeTorbay #sausagegate it's all kicking off #thehotel torbay people q: is all publicity for the bay good publicity?

‏@SimonThomasSky Sadly only just stumbled across #TheHotel Genius. Never had a sausage upgrade in my life.

@tommleach This guy on #TheHotel is killing me, why havnt i seen the show before?!

‏@IanTaylor26 This fella on #TheHotel is definitely the modern day Basil Fawlty! Sending me over the edge!

‏@CreativeTorbay #sausagegate it's all kicking off #thehotel torbay people q: is all publicity for the bay good publicity?

‏@r1kkb Watching #TheHotel for the first time - why has no-one told me about this programme before now?! #hilarious

‏@culprit1 Very rarely watch TV, but #thehotel on Channel 4 is essential viewing. Non-stop awkward laughs.

‏@christimbs Mark comes up with some odd thoughts, seems like a nice bloke though #thehotel

‏@danielmaier #thehotel is a perfect example of how a fly-on-the-wall show is ruined once its characters have seen themselves on it.

‏@TVpsychologist Why stop at sausages? Give the higher paying guests fried quails eggs, pancetta and porcini mushrooms...

‏@theprotrickster #thehotel is this guy for real? How he's managed to have the hotel for so long is beyond me

@veggie_babe Manager in Torquay wants give poor guests rubbish sausages and well off guests the better ones says everything about this country #thehotel

‏@inthesticks This hotel guy is completely barking. If a hotel asked me to pay extra for a better sausage at breakfast I'd be out of the door!

‏@ChrisJonesGM So Bovey Castle is in a worse location than the Grosvenor because its in the middle of nowhere. Quality

‏@spinner59 Mark Jenkins - the George Osborne of the hotel trade!

‏@sammyyjadee I love Mark and his idea of "posh people" in #thehotel Ya know "posh people" wouldn't come to a hotel like yours!

‏@mummylovestea I once worked in a hotel where the manager fixed everything with #BluTac Loose sockets, shower curtain poles, even skirting #thehotel

‏@ChelleCorcoran Gotta love how they think the programme and tweeting is flattering...disaster area #thehotel

‏@DaisyCottageIRL #TheHotel Mark needs to run an ad which includes the words "No Riff-Raff" a la Basil Fawlty

‏@CharlieTaters Tidy up the reception, clear out all the tat and clutter, and buy some uniforms. That's just for starters. #thehotel

@liam_ohare #TheHotel - best show on tv. And the only one run by the best Frank Spencer/Basil Fawlty impersonator in Britain.

‏@mostlygeordie How am I supposed to carry on studying when #TheHotel is on the telly?!

‏@zzil_ 'home to some of Britains finest hotels... and this one' #TheHotel

‏@distract_me It's hard to explain in 140 characters how much I love #thehotel.

‏@randomblonde It's that time again. Real life Fawlty Towers. #thehotel


Another hour of mayhem ahead #thehotel Better than Fawlty Towers. Frightening really!

@C4Insider: Will Mark's sausage give The Grosvenor a touch of class?

‏@CraigNN #sausages Sunday time soon on #thehotel. Sounds like it will be a banger of a programme

‏@jamesjlee30 Looking forward to #thehotel tonight. following @thehotel_Mark but I've got no idea what the episode is about #Sausages if only he'd said!

@ScouseSalon #thehotel the best, most toe curling, cringie, feel like im chewing on a roll of tinfoil, programme ever!!

‏@RO82iE Channel 4 has cheer-up Sunday evening telly all sewn up - excellent

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  • Hocus_Pocus  |  January 15 2013, 12:34PM

    This isnt news its cut and paste.

  • DevonJanner  |  January 15 2013, 11:14AM

    "the public gets, what the public wants" sung by the JAM...

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