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Heart transplant for Gemini FM

By This is SouthDevon  |  Posted: September 20, 2008

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SOUTH Devon's Gemini FM is to be rebranded Heart as part of a national change of heart by the parent owners.

Global Radio's announcement comes as Gemini ceased its broadcasts from offices at Victoria Parade, Torquay, having moved its presenters to Exeter.

Gemini's managing director Francis Flanagan stressed the change was not a result of streamlining, and he said the company would not be giving up its Torquay offices.

As part of the changes on November 1, Gemini will be re-branded as Heart, in the same way as other Global Radio stations nationally.

The Heart network will consist of 35 stations aimed at people in their 30s, with a brand described as 'sassy, female-oriented, but male credible'.

Mr Flanagan said: "All existing programmes will be maintained to provide the best music, local news, sport and traffic, presented by local DJs'.

He added: "This development is important for the future strength of Gemini.

"Commercial radio is consolidating to ensure it is a strong competitor to the BBC, and we will continue to provide our listeners and advertisers with a first-rate local station, supported by the largest owner of commercial radio in Britain.

"The change to Heart will be progressive, and we will take our listeners and advertisers with us throughout this process.

"Having our broadcast team together at Exeter should make the product better, but behind-the-scenes staff will remain in Torquay."

Gemini FM's current presenters will continue their breakfast and drivetime broadcasts, despite the shift to Exeter.

Other shows will be taken from Heart nationally.

Matt Rogan, from the morning show, said: "I will still be here each morning on Torbay and South Devon's Heart FM — and I can't wait.

"For us to be part of the Heart network will bring so much extra resource to me.

"As part of this exciting radio brand I will get to speak to some of the biggest stars of music and showbiz, and that's going to be great for the show."

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  • Profile image for This is SouthDevon
    Paul, Dawlish  |  March 04 2009, 11:44AM

    Bring back DevonAir! Things in this part of the world have never been quite the same since it lost its licence! Still, RIP Gemini, Plymouth Sound, Lantern and South Hams Radio. You have to feel sorry for the poor folk in Kingsbridge who will now have to listen to boring semi national pap for most of the day coming from London when they loose South Hams Radio. You have to ask why bother going to the trouble of setting up a radio station for local people in an area like that, when all that happens is some big faceless organisation comes along, buys it out and turns it into a repetative dire pop music outfit with no local personalities that hardly anyone will listen to? Let's hope we can get some more Community licences down here and get back to having some proper local people presenting shows with knowledge of the area!!!

  • Profile image for This is SouthDevon
    lauren penaluna, exeter  |  March 03 2009, 7:32PM

    gemini should not change its name its a name a llot of us have growen up with. they should keep the name but still be a part of heart

  • Profile image for This is SouthDevon
    Marc, Torquay  |  November 14 2008, 7:19PM

    i thought gemini was meant to be changing 1st November!!!! it still says gemini!

  • Profile image for This is SouthDevon
    James Allen, Blackburn, Lancashire  |  October 09 2008, 7:28PM

    WHAT A FUCKING BAD DECISION!! Global Radio wrecked Gemini! Have they no sense?? We want localness 6am-7pm, not a blatant Heart rip-off!

  • Profile image for This is SouthDevon
    Darren, Brixham  |  September 26 2008, 8:45AM

    We have gemini on in the shop all day every day wouldn't listen to anything else, palm is way to cheesy!!

  • Profile image for This is SouthDevon
    Mark, Torquay  |  September 25 2008, 5:10PM

    I cant wait! heart doesn't sound too bad ''the heart of devon!'' ahh the good old devonair days geminis great! cant wait for the rebrand everyone i no listens to gemini its a great sounding local station!!

  • Profile image for This is SouthDevon
    Dave, South Devon  |  September 25 2008, 3:28PM

    Well it's goodbye from all of us in our offices, we won't be listening anymore. If we want to listen to a national station we'll listen to Radio 1 or 2. I suppose the Football updates will stop if the programming is coming from London or wherever. Once again the Westcountry gets shafted, the same thing is happening in the North with Lantern fm. Whatever happened to Independent LOCAL Radio, my dad was so keen on?

  • Profile image for This is SouthDevon
    Dj Kez, Nottingham  |  September 25 2008, 1:01PM

    We have Heart here in Nottingham and it is a good radio station. Will miss the gemini brand and jingles though!

  • Profile image for This is SouthDevon
    Ryan, Newton Abbot  |  September 24 2008, 1:04PM

    Gemini are the only station that broadcast match updates about Torquay United, now thats local! The name heart doesn't that good though but time will tell.....

  • Profile image for This is SouthDevon
    Mike, Torquay  |  September 23 2008, 10:44PM

    I always listen to Gemini FM its local thats the main thing about time they change the name i think should be good cant wait!!