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Herald Express to become weekly title

By Herald Express  |  Posted: June 17, 2011

The Herald Express

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THE Herald Express is to become a weekly title next month in a change that will see the newspaper become one of the biggest weekly publications in the UK.

The new paper will appear each Thursday from July 21.

Herald Express editor Andy Phelan said: “The Herald Express has been one of the country’s best-performing daily titles for many years in terms of its circulation figures. Our readers and advertisers have been tremendously loyal and we value them highly.

“But the world today is very different to how it was in 1925, when the Herald Express was established. People’s lives have changed, we have to change with them.

“The Herald Express has evolved over the years and this is another step on that journey.

“By moving to weekly publishing we believe we will be moving more closely in line with the needs of our readers and advertisers.

“We also believe that in a changing market environment, this is the best way to secure the long-term future of a strong, independent news organisation serving Torbay and South Devon.”

The aim is to produce an industry-leading 100-plus page paper that will deliver stories, photographs, comment and analysis from across the area, as well as jobs, homes, cars and classified advertising.

Andrew Blair, managing director, said: “This is a significant change for the business and a major step forward for advertisers in South Devon.

“They will experience an immediate benefit as we anticipate a single issue of the weekly to reach a much wider market than any single edition of the daily.”

The decision has been announced to staff. A number of jobs are likely to be affected in the editorial department as a result of the move, but the Herald Express management team has pledged to do everything it can to limit the number of compulsory redundancies.

Mr Phelan said: “The Herald Express has been a successful title because of the quality of its staff, and the loyalty of its readers and advertisers, over many years.

“Six-day publishing served all parties well for the best part of a century, but now we have to adapt to the realities of the market and look to the future.

“This change means the Herald Express can go forward with confidence, and we can remain fully committed to our role of informing, educating and entertaining the people of this area and helping businesses grow.

“The Herald Express team will continue to provide unrivalled local news coverage. We will still have far more dedicated journalists on the ground across Torbay and South Devon than any other media organisation.”

It is expected that the final daily edition of the Herald Express will appear on Friday July 15, with the first weekly edition, which will remain on sale throughout the week, hitting the streets the following Thursday, July 21.

Mr Phelan said: “As well as our new weekly print edition of the Herald Express, we will continue to keep our readers informed throughout the week via Twitter, Facebook and the www.thisissouthdevon.co.uk website, where the Herald Express will have a news channel.

“It is our intention to use every medium possible to make sure our readers and advertisers do not miss out, and the cornerstone of it all will be a new product which we believe will set the benchmark for the whole of the newspaper industry.”

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  • ChrisKFC  |  June 22 2011, 10:23PM

    Sad news. But a sign of the times. They said the digital age would give us a wider choice of better TV, Radio and News. But as advertising has become fragmented across so many more channels of output, we're now losing services we held dear such as local papers and local radio. The evening paper where I now live used to be released at lunchtime with a City Final, but a few months ago the paper which has 'Evening' in its name began to be released at 6.30am and the City FInal edition is no more. It therefore offers nothing but yesterday's news now. If your evening paper does not cover the stories of that day, what's the point of buying it?

  • 1sagalout  |  June 21 2011, 8:25PM

    Right - so you can't take criticism

  • 1sagalout  |  June 21 2011, 8:22PM

    All very well and good Mr Phelan for those who are up with the new technologies. You and Northcliffe seem to be conveniently forgetting the large numbers of residents in Torbay and environs who have no access to any of these. I would like to see increasing news coverage by our truly community radio, Riviera FM, and can't wait for them to get on the regular airwaves so that they have the chance to reach the whole population. These are people with principles!

  • _Stargazer  |  June 21 2011, 7:07PM

    And Now Allan Tudor has gone....Sad sad day. Ian

  • MartinLeyland  |  June 21 2011, 6:42PM

    haha - a report that would do the Syrian state media proud. What is the real reason for this - not enough people reading the newspaper or Northcliffe Newspapers forced your hand? I'm sure those in danger of losing their jobs were grateful that you buried this point at the bottom of the piece.

  • Azriel22  |  June 21 2011, 4:43PM

    @ Southfield14 Sunday, June 19 2011, 5:41PM. Glad to see you are still up and running Brendan. Still plenty of green pen writers from Frinton I'll be bound.

  • Tom_Tucker  |  June 21 2011, 12:26PM

    Here is a thought that you have all failed to mention. Whats the bet the weekly price of this toilet paper goes up. And before you all start saying "it will have 100 pages in so it will go up" Well if this rag hides behind the excuse that it has to cover the money of costs to print the pages well you all need to remember how much money it is SAVING due to job losses...

  • dkkat50  |  June 20 2011, 11:15PM

    I would like to see the Herald Express run a local daily TV news Service -as part of a local community service-this could be viewed on TV as well as the internet- rather like the Sky 24 hour news service and BBC 24 hour News channel-- While talking about the future- if you would like to see how our children will be living in the future -look at the website. "The Venus Project. Maybe soon we will be able turn on out TV and click on to the Net ,and watch what is going on in the south devon region not only news but community projects local events,Theatre, etc with local advertising .this could be run alongside the weeky Herald Express, giving more in depth coverage of local events.

  • Tom_Tucker  |  June 20 2011, 4:00PM

    Roll on friday when this toilet paper has gone!!! Yay ;-)

  • UK001  |  June 20 2011, 2:29PM

    Having had the pleasure of working in the HE circulation dept for several successful years and having moved there from the UK's largest daily regional title I can only say what a sad day it is that the community's 'voice' has gone to a whisper over the last few years and is now disappearing to a ho**** weekly one at that. Gone are the headlines which brought the Bay's residents out to buy their copy and in has come the 'let's not upset the local politicians and business community' mentality. Add to that Facebook, Twitter and a website cumbersome to manoeuvre in and no wonder sales figures and therefore advertising revenues decline. I feel for the staff in all depts. that will inevitably lose their livelihoods as a result of 'tinkering' from people who believed they were commercially astute.... so astute in fact that the title couldn't be preserved as a daily newspaper. Presumably the lead for voluntary redundancies and natural waste will come from the top with the new weekly paper edited on a part-time basis or absorbed into one the Plymouth based editor roles. How long now then The Express and Echo in Exeter as a daily title?