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Houses, flats and bungalows

By Herald Express  |  Posted: February 28, 2013

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MANY years ago when my hair was somewhat thicker and darker I recall selling nice little cottages and terraced houses to young couples who very often were due to get married or had just decided to get together and set up home, WHAT different times they were!

And how tough it is nowadays for the youngsters to even dream of owning their own home, how on earth can they pay rent of say £600-£700 per month then save after paying their living expenses – almost impossible when the building societies want an average of 20 per cent deposit of a property's purchase price.

A slight glimmer on the horizon is the scheme that Barclays have started whereby mum and dad lend the deposit and this is paid back through the mortgage payments, so nobody loses out, could this be the start of helping our youngsters get a foot on the ladder.

The whole situation has been made worse by a freeze on wages and house prices not coming down to match, the old 2.50 multiple of annual pay would hardly buy a garage now never mind a house! and for the lucky ones having to service a loan where they have borrowed four or five times their pay puts a heck of a strain on any relationship added to the normal pressure of work targets and day to day living!

We sadly don't see many first time buyers these days but if prices settle just a little bit more and the lending house think up some initiative mortgage schemes things could look up for our brave new home owners!

FROM flats and houses for first time buyers to homes sizeable enough for large or small families, from cottages on the coast to executive and luxury homes with stunning views of the sea St Marychurch has them all.

Big or small whatever you are looking for the choice is immense.

Local estate agents specialise in property sales and rental, with prices ranging from low to high.

If you are looking for property in the area, see what they have to offer.

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