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By LinuxUser  |  Posted: August 28, 2014

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Over the summer I have been running day time sessions at Parkfield for local young people who play Minecraft,   This is a very popular game avaialble on quite a few platforms Linux, Raspberry PI, PC, Mac, Windows, Playstation , Xbox.  However at Parkfield we just used the Apple Macs,  and have the advantage of being able to play games collaborativley.

Minecraft has potential in other areas, especially education,  there is a map of the UK created by the Ordenance survey people as well as other project to mape and model buildings.  By adding mods to this you can expand what the game can do, add new themes (e,g pokemon).  It should be possible to create details models of buildings such as parkfield or schools,  as well as perhaps setup a WWI trench senario,  where  players can model the trench layout,  and put tnt and triggers in no mans.  But if you get a map of trenches then just reproduce that. 

With the Raspberry Pi version you can write python scripts to control the environment further and create gmes within the game. 

I think a few schools are running minecraft clubs,  and hopefully this will expand further with other youth groups doiing the same,  if the need is there,  to this end I would use the hashtag #torbayminecraft on twtiter so it is then perhaps possible to judge size of user base. 

Some of the young people at the Raspberry Pi jams in Torbay and Exeter have been using python with minecraft PI and it is great to see an excellent level of collaboration and co-operation.

So if you think minecraft is just a game,  then, please think again,  you need to have an open mind and look out side the box to see further potential.

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