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Nigel Farage's UKIP tops Torbay Euro election polls

By Editor_Jim  |  Posted: May 26, 2014

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The UK Independence Party have topped the Euro election polls in Torbay.

The results, announced tonight, showed UKIP grabbing 14,666 votes with the Tories lagging behind on 8,804.

The Lib Dems finished on 3,647 with Labour on 3,176.

The Green Party were not far behind with 2,457.

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An Independence from Europe had 602 votes, the English Democrats 310 and the BNP 271. The turn out was 32.50 per cent.

It was the same picture across the West Country and the rest of the UK as UKIP were celebrating success.

UKIP also came top at Teignbridge with 13,358 votes; 2 - Con (11,912); 3 -Green (4,659); 4 Libl Dems (4,497)

In the South Hams Conservatives topped the polls with 9645, Ukip 8058, Green Party 4822, Lab 2555, Lib Dem 2252. Turnout 41.49%.

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  • Baby_boomer  |  May 28 2014, 9:59PM

    Matthew-B I'm sure that we can all think of more appropriate acronyms which fit the letters U-K-I-P, and when it comes to expenses and the like, how about these two rather interesting points which appeared in a national newspaper recently (transcribed herewith verbatim for your convenience and with the MEP numbers quoted therein referring to the position prior to last week's election): 1. So get rid of Maria Miller and vote Ukip for an end to political hypocrisy and expenses greed? Not exactly. Nigel Farage cheerfully admits to his participation in the Great Euro-Gravy Train robbery to the tune of £2m of expenses since 1999 – far more than Ronnie Biggs managed from his 1963 caper. Some fellow-Kipper MEPs do even better, and all this on top of their £79k salaries in a job they all despise, especially the work bit. One was jailed for fraud (£36k diverted to cars and wine), another for benefit fiddling (£65k). That's an even higher proportion than Labour considering Ukip currently has seven MEPs, after losing six to pub sulks and defections since 2009. 2. Not convinced? Then take a look at the online battle raging at Cupwith reservoir, on the moorland outside Huddersfield, between locals and William Legge, aka the 10th Earl of Dartmouth (which makes him Princess Di's stepbrother). A Kipper MEP for South West England, he's also a Yorkshire landowner. At stake is a planning application to build a windfarm (each turbine worth £20k a year in rent to its landlord), which critics say makes Legge a hypocrite since Ukip opposes wind nonsense. Harried by activists and a tenacious blogger called Autonomous Mind (they keep finding Legge's name linked to labyrinthine company structures involved), Legge finally abandoned his Maria Miller posture this week. "The land is owned by a relative," he conceded. But who?

    |   -1101
  • Matthew-B  |  May 28 2014, 2:14PM

    UKIP = People Power. We elect MPs to represent US, not fiddle expenses and ignore what we say about immigration and the EU. Perhaps the troops returning from Afghanistan could be used to round up the illegal immigrants and send them back the country the came from to enter the UK. Throwing their passports away should not give them the right to stay here, they all know that trick.

    |   275
  • cornwall999  |  May 26 2014, 11:40AM

    This has sent tremors through the three political party's who have suffered a major blow by U kip who has given the patronizing political class the kicking it so richly deserves ! I have deep concerns with mass "UNCONTROLLED" immigration which is having a devastating impact on Housing, the NHS, Police ,Fire services Doctors Surgery's and many other public services ! How can we have faith with a Government who acts with unbending harshness and failing the country's poorest who are struggling to survive after huge cuts were inflicted on their welfare payments such as the bedroom tax and other benifits cruelly hitting the disabled , elderly and many more vulnerable people !We have MP with breathtaking arrogance who have allegedly cheated the system and orchestrate continual cover ups on their lavish expenses claims and protected by a bunch of elitists public school boys . We do have a few excellent politicians and MP who I trust, however, it is fundamentally important that we have integrity , transparency and accountability which I see little evidence off! The public have voted yes ,maybe as a protest vote to strongly remind all three party's that you are simply "OUT OF TOUCH" with the British people! Shirley sweeney

    |   127
  • Anthony1  |  May 26 2014, 11:05AM

    I hope this signals the end for the professional politicians. It is about time we had a party comprised of "proper" people who know a bit about life in the real world. As individuals, some may make mistakes, but surely this is more acceptable than the PPE clones who MUST stay "on message" or else. Before the General Election the UKIP party will have composed a credible manifesto.

    |   26
  • Cruey  |  May 26 2014, 12:22AM

    I just hope this is a protest vote ......when this celebrity (as he will now think he is ) starts to tell everyone what their other policies are then I may change my mind.....I am very concerned about our NHS, Education, Social care for the disabled and elderly..........come on Mr Farage it is about time you shut up for a little while about Europe and enlightened us all to some other very important issues ........Police, Fire Services etc...........now come on the Media .......ASK HIM