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Oldway: The death of a woodland walk

By franksobey  |  Posted: December 03, 2012

oldway : gone the woodland

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Gone the signing birds. Gone the short woodland walk. Gone the woodland. Local residents looked on in horror as the wonderful woodland to the north of Oldway Mansion was destroyed by diggers and chain saws. It's still going on today when this picture was taken. Quite why so much of the little woodland had to go when the planned development is one block retirement flats next to the supermarket is at the moment a mystery. Perhaps another development is lurking just around the corner. The remaining trees are now surrounded by a ring of steel fencing giving the area the feel of a Guantanamo Bay style detention camp. Some say that trees have an energy and are aware. That may well be the case because the remaing trees look decidedly worried this morning.

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  • lhasa27  |  December 03 2012, 1:06AM

    I told Torbay Council about a Bat Colony at the Fernham Site and in those trees and was assured a proper Environmental Impact Assessment would be carried out. Well this is the result............. HOw very, very sad. This is progress. Money and greed before sanity.

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  • ColinTheComet  |  December 02 2012, 4:39PM

    People don't seem to like and value trees down here, do they? Or at least, the people who have the clout - the developpers and their chainsaw-wielding employees just 'clearing up' but in reality obliterating every living thing unfortunate enough to in their sight. Franksobey, I share your horror and this wanton destruction - at the moment, every day seems to bring sounds of saws and chipping machines. A good living for the profiteers, I suppose, but a desparate and terrible waste at a time when disease threatens so many other local trees.

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