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Paignton residents complain of living in 'Torbay tip'

By HEDanielClark  |  Posted: August 05, 2014

Coverdale Road, Paignton, (opposite National Tyres). Rubbish from bins is all over the street, residents, Annette Ashton, left and Kimberley Murphy with daughter, Elisha.

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TORBAY might be known as a tourist town and part of the English Riviera but some residents have said it is like they have been living in the Torbay Tip.

Annette Ashton, of Coverdale Road, Paignton, has said she is 'at her wits end' with rubbish sprawling into the street outside her property for the last two to three months.

She said: "This is an eyesore and a threat to our health. It is just asking for rats to move in to the area. Living here is more like living in a landfill site than living in a seaside town.

"Young children this road on their way to school and that is not safe for them to walk through this health risk.

"This was been going on for months and we have had enough of it. We are at our wits end. We just want this to stop. We have asked the council to do something but they are saying it is not their responsibility."

The two bins are situated on what private land, but the rubbish often spreads out onto the pavement, and Annette has added that the owner of the building has tried every which way to fix this and at the moment he is paying himself for bins for his nine tenants.

A Torbay Council Spokesperson replied by saying: "This land is privately owned and the disposal of rubbish is the responsibility of the landowner. We are in contact with the landowner and are advising them on how to rectify this issue."

Annette however said: "My husband has spent hours cleaning up the rubbish but it has been to no avail. And now, people are starting to drive here to dump their rubbish."

Annette added that the situation there is still ongoing and that over the past weekend, more fly tipping took place.

"At the moment it is not too bad. There is some rubbish, a mattress and some smashed glass from broken bottles, but for us, that is quite good and better than it normally is.

"But, in a week or so, it will fill up and spread all over the road again.

"The people in the flats along from us do not have any bins, so there are 21 families having to use two bins.

"It is all a bit of a mess and it is not going to stop."

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  • KeithDonkey  |  August 11 2014, 6:16PM

    If you try taking rubbish to the Household waste tip you are met by a security guard who tries to get you to turn around and go away. They are ever decreasing the amount of household rubbish they will let you tip, you can only take 2 black bags now. We have a Torquay that has bins lining every street. We have bins placed on the roadside to secure daily parking spots. And we have bins that are only emptied every fortnight. It makes you wonder what you are paying your council tax for.

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  • themightyflea  |  August 07 2014, 8:19AM

    @Anthony1 Don't hold your breath - there will be several levels of paper-pushing between the council and Tor2 before a man with a brush will be seen. And why have the flats insufficient bins?

  • Anthony1  |  August 05 2014, 10:35AM

    Two bins for 21 families? Something is not right here. someone at Torbay Council/ Tor 2 needs to get their finger out PDQ.

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