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Plans in for 197 homes on Collaton 'car boot field'

By Herald Express  |  Posted: October 17, 2012

ARTIST'S IMPRESSION: How the houses planned on the car boot field on the A385 Totnes Road at Collaton St Mary may look

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DEVELOPER Taylor Wimpey has filed a planning application for almost 200 homes on green fields on the edge of Paignton.

The company is hoping to build 197 two-, three- and four-bedroom homes as part of a £20million investment on land off the A385 Totnes Road at Collaton St Mary.

Taylor Wimpey has exchanged contract with the landowner to purchase the 'car boot' field.

The scheme would have 30 per cent affordable homes, provision for a library to be built and educational improvement locally as well as green space provisions, say developers.

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The proposal has received some opposition from local residents who fear the 'overdevelopment' will generate traffic chaos, increase the risk of flooding and lead to the loss of good farmland which ought to be preserved for future food production.

More than 12 letters of objection have so far been received by Torbay Council's planning department.

One resident said: "This development would be out of character with the rest of Collaton St Mary. Secondly, the field for the planned homes is a sponge for the Collaton St Mary area and to build 197 homes would cause flooding in an area already known for this and would cause the school to flood.

"Totnes Road is already congested and to add 400 cars and 800 movements a day would cause total chaos."

Collaton St Mary Residents' Association also opposes the proposal saying it will overburden the Tweenaway Junction and cause major traffic issues during and after the construction period.

Local resident Lesley Harrison added: "It is important to keep good quality farmland for future food supply.

"This scheme will spoil an area of great landscape value and will have a major impact on local green tourism.

"It will create traffic congestion, pollution and raise safety issues on the A385 and impact the Totnes Road, Tweenaway Junction and Stoke Gabriel."

Fellow resident Terri Rasmussen added: "Building on greenbelt land before using brown field sites is against planning policy.

"It would spoil one of the last unspoilt valleys in Torbay and impact wildlife dramatically while noise and light pollution will extend into the countryside."

Ken Rowe, vice chairman of the Paignton Heritage Society, said the group strongly objected to the application to develop what is known as the 'car boot field'.

In a letter to Torbay Council's planning department, he said: "The development is contrary to the local plan not to build on greenfield sites.

"It is the loss of agricultural land.

"Meanwhile, the present structure of the A385 Totnes Road is running at capacity with traffic jams occurring on a regular basis caused by the Tweenaway junction reaching as far back as the plan area concerned."

Taylor Wimpey is also looking at another development for land secured in Paignton.

Alfriston Park will consist of a total of 98 homes with a selection of two-bedroom apartments and coach houses and a number of three- and four-bedroom homes.

Janine Copleston, regional sales and marketing director for Taylor Wimpey Exeter, said: "These developments will add to our portfolio across the region and give more choice to house hunters in the area.

"At Taylor Wimpey we're dedicated to creating developments which sit perfectly in their environment and have a real sense of place, as well as making sure we put craftsmanship and quality into every home we build.

"The proposals we have made for these new developments tick all the boxes and we're confident the plans for Collaton St Mary will come to fruition. "

To see the Collaton St Mary plans, log on to Torbay Council's website and search application P/2012/1037.

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  • factual  |  October 17 2012, 11:50AM

    When will Torbay wake up and embrace developments for the future generations. Tweenaway road improvements much better,FACT. Car Boot site with hundreds of vehicles and pedestrians a weekly disgrace,FACT. Field never used for crops or farmers growing produce as its soley been for car boot or storeage even events car parking,FACT. Protesters ( nimpys,again) from St Mary's Park,St Mary's Mead and beechdown static residential park living on sites that were field not so many years ao.....contridiction,FACT. Motel owner objects to green development opposite but would support if they use land behind motel which is grazing land at present,surely house owners from surrounding area wont want houses built facing their gardens as proposed site is opposite busy main road? Other projects are departure from plan TORBAYLUVVA as not enough brownfield sites as developments can only go to the WEST of Paignton due land availability and that big thing called the sea! site was H1 in 1985 plan with council consideratiNG cemertry and cremetourium.Local knew that development would happen at some stage. Funny also that people door knocking to stop development are suggesting 4 reasons to oppose and each objection states same reasons in same order...........

  • Incredulous2  |  October 16 2012, 9:21PM

    TorbayLuvva - you complain about the 'improvement scheme' at Tweenaways, it has improved traffic flow considerably for people travelling from the other directions. I have found the junction much easier to use even during the height of summer. Perhaps when the Local Authority planned the improvements, they chose to give less consideration to Totnesians and caravan dwellers - the principal users of the junction from that direction. Mike Lister makes a valid point. The additional number of cars from this development (Max 400 vehicles) will not in isolation make any significant difference to the existing traffic volumes - unless they all decided, en masse, to leave the development at exactly the same time and head in the same direction, which is not going to happen.

    |   6
  • Chunder123  |  October 16 2012, 8:58PM

    Just make sure they don't get given to these asylum seekers who end up breeding 10 children families to simply reel in benefit money and end up earning more in benefits than a person who has worked 30 years for a pension. THat disgusts me. Assylum seekers should not be given anything at all when there are british citizens with degrees who have no work and are poor. ENgland is full. stuff off elshwere

  • TorbayLuvva  |  October 16 2012, 6:33PM

    Mike Lister - I didn't say you were professionally connected to the proposed development at Collaton, but you clearly have a vested interest in general house-building in the Bay because Kay Elliott is involved in several major projects eg. Marine Park at Goodrington, old Hollicombe Gas Works. Less house-building in Torbay would almost inevitably mean less work for Kay Elliott as a local practice, so anybody can see that you might well be much more in favour of house-building than if you didn't work for a local firm of architects. And you didn't just "comment" on a traffic issue, you called into question one of the main objections to the proposed development which over 120 people have so far raised. As Vice-Chair of the Torquay Neighbourhood Plan, you of all people should respect what is the overwhelming view of a local neighbourhood community.

    |   -7
  • mikelister66  |  October 16 2012, 2:44PM

    @TorbayLuvva - I am in no way professionally connected to the development. I do work for Kay Elliott, a local architecture practice, does that mean I want to see housebuilding at any cost? No. Do I get a benefit from the houses being built because I work for an architects? No. You may also notice, had you read my post properly that I did not offer an opinion for or against the project, merely commented on a traffic issue. At least I don't hide behind a username on here. Why don't you tell us who you are, where you live and what you do. Then I can make biased assumptions about you.

    |   6
  • TorbayLuvva  |  October 16 2012, 2:04PM

    This story must have been written a while ago - if you now look at planning application P/2012/1037 on Torbay Council's website, there are well over 110 objections registered and not only from people who live in Collaton village. It should be noted that planning permission has ALREADY been granted for 350 new houses at White Rock PLUS another 220 new houses at Yannons Farm PLUS another 95 new houses on the Parkbay Garden Centre site next to Yannons Farm. So that is a total of 665 new houses which are already going to be built along a very short stretch of the ring road in Paignton and near to Collaton. Planning permission has also ALREADY been granted for 100 new houses on the Marine Park site off Goodrington Road. As the article says, as well as in Collaton, Taylor Wimpey has also applied in recent weeks for permission to build another 98 new houses off Alfriston Road. This would extend the Great Parks development, just off the ring road at the top of Kings Ash Hill. About 400-500 new houses are destined to be built as part of the Great Parks 2 scheme which is currently the subject of a masterplanning exercise by the Council. So with all these new houses in the pipeline for Paignton West, there is simply no need for 197 new houses to be built on a prime greenfield site at Collaton. Residents of Brixham, Paignton, Stoke Gabriel and even Totnes and the wider South Hams should all be concerned about the traffic implications of building thousands more new houses along the ring road and along the A385 Totnes Road. The bottom line is that there is no solution to the bottleneck at Kings Ash Hill or the congestion at Tweenaways - at least £5m has only just been spent on Tweenaways and it still causes massive problems. If you live in Brixham and use the ring road to commute to Torquay, Newton Abbott or beyond, or perhaps you live in the South Hams and commute to work in Torbay along the A385, please object to the Collaton application, if only on the grounds that it would put hundreds and hundreds more cars on the roads in an area where the roads cannot currently cope. Can I suggest everybody reading this also takes time to look at the first draft of the new 20 year Local Plan which is on the Council's website for public consultation by 9th November. Hidden away in the detail is a long-term proposal to build an "urban extension" along the Totnes Road corridor - essentially the area from about the Stoke Road / Parkers Arms, all the way out along the main Totnes Road to the South Hams border. This would involve building 2,000+ new houses - over 10 times the current number of new houses being proposed by Taylor Wimpey at Collaton. The Council says that such an urban extension would not be promoted until after 2022, however if this idea is allowed to remain in the final version of the Local Plan when it is formally adopted as a statutory development plan sometime next year, then it will be very difficult to stop. Now is the time to speak up and post a comment if you don't want a huge area of Torbay's greenfield lost forever and if you don't want Torbay's already congested roads brought to a standstill.

    |   -2
  • Mooresy84  |  October 16 2012, 1:21PM

    I agree with TorbayLuvva. Surely the traffic management as a whole needs to be looked at in more detail. I have no objection in theory to more housing (although no mention of how many affordable homes? - and I would question why use a green field site in one of the most popular places to live adjacent to one of the best schools in the bay, but that has probably answered itself!). There are so many issues even before reaching Tweenaway. For instance, stopping parking on the stretch outside BMW would aleviate the problem of traffic backing up when turning right at Parkers Arms (as the parked cars block any passage for straight through traffic to pass). There are some huge road improvements that need to be looked at. All too often these developments just "pop up" without taking into account the necessary infrastructure required outside of the immediate area to cope with not just the increae in traffic, but the change in dirvers behaviours. Hopefully they won't stick a set of traffic lights there (like at Cotehele Drive), as this would simply create further chaos on that stretch of road!

    |   5
  • TorbayLuvva  |  October 16 2012, 10:05AM

    Mike Lister - do you drive and regularly use the A385 Totnes Road? Thought not. The main issue is the traffic approaching Tweenaways which already backs up to the site and beyond because the recent £5m so called "improvement scheme" at Tweenaways has actually made the situation worse for traffic travelling west to east. Perhaps you should also declare to readers of your comments that you have a vested interest in seeing house-building being given the go ahead in the Bay because you work for a local firm of architects?

    |   -3
  • mikelister66  |  October 16 2012, 9:07AM

    How can they possibly cite highway problems as a reason for refusal? When they have the car boot on it is absolutely manic trying to get in/out of Paignton on that road with people trying to turn right into the field. If it was housing this would be more spread out and not create the chaos we are used to every Sunday.

    |   5