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Port Ellen 32 year old 1979 - A rare must-have

By AdFeatures  |  Posted: December 19, 2012

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Scotland has produced whisky for several hundred years and is known for the rich and flavourful malts. The Port Ellen 32 Year Old 1979 is one of the most famous vintage single malt whiskies in the world. A small batch is released each year and this is the 11th special release. It was distilled in Port Ellen (which was located in the Islay regions of Scotland) in 1979 and bottled in 2011. The distillery has had some troubles in the past and it was finally closed down in 1984.

There are only 2,988 bottles of Port Ellen 32 Year Old 1979 in existence, making it a valuable collector's item. Some may under-value this malt, thinking that it is over-hyped just because of its rarity. However, the liquid quality is excellent and it deserves all the value and attention it gets. It offers a beautiful, complex, and rich taste that may not be replaceable by any other malt.


Any whisky connoisseur would treasure the moment they twist open a bottle of Port Ellen Whisky such as the 32 Year Old 1979. The nose is quite unlike other Port Ellen expressions, it initially releases a strong and smoky aroma with a perfect balance of citrus and sweet tones. You can notice the blend of warm honeycomb, unsweetened chocolate, roasted raisin, and coconut. A buttery and slightly fruity tone is added by a mix of plum jam, grapes, soft smoke, and quince cheese.


When you see the clear honey-coloured liquid glistening in your glass, you can't help but feel privileged to have a taste of this fine malt. The entire palate may be described as summery, creamy, and chewy. The first sip starts off cool and slow with freshly-baked biscuits and freshly-plucked summer fruits. Tiny hints of blackberry and guava are also evident. You get a rich blend of under-ripe apple, spicy pepper, dry oak, mango, and raw pear. The taste is somewhat comparable to rich fruit-cake on a summer day. In the backdrop of tropical fruits, you also get traces of pine resin and eucalyptus that create a leafy tone.


The single malt scotch leaves a long and elegant finish with smoky warm tones. Coal and corn soot give off a smoky tone, which is evened out by hints of maple syrup and pecan nuts. The luxurious and affluent after-taste leaves you feeling happy and content. It's not a big surprise that this malt is one of the most sought after in the whole world.

New Release

Many distilleries release new editions of this legendary whiskey almost every year claiming that they taste just like the original. This may or may not be true but these newer editions are made by some of the finest distilleries in Scotland and around the world. Most people cannot afford to taste the actual Port Ellen 32 Year Old 1979 but these new editions are very affordable and mimic the taste of the original pretty well.

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