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Power battle begins as candidates declare intent

By Western Morning News  |  Posted: April 11, 2013

By Phil Goodwin

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The battle for political control of the region's two biggest local authorities has begun in earnest after the full list of candidates due to stand in council elections in Devon and Cornwall on May 2 were finalised.

A total of 311 candidates are to fight for 62 seats in the election for Conservative-controlled Devon County Council.

In Cornwall, where the Tories run the authority in coalition with independents, 479 candidates were left to contest 122 electoral divisions following yesterday's midday deadline for withdrawals.

In the Duchy, which is holding the first election since the unitary authority was created in 2009, a doorstep battle over budgets, cuts and council tax is expected to rage.

Attention is bound to focus on Wadebridge East, where Colin Brewer, the councillor who resigned after saying disabled children "should be put down", is opposed by Sarah Maguire, the woman who led the campaign for him to give up his seat.

Whatever the overall results, Cornwall Council will have a new leader as current chief Jim Currie will not contest his Feock and Kea seat.

Jeremy Rowe, leader of the Liberal Democrat group and possible leader if his party is returned to power at County Hall, runs unopposed by the ruling Tory group in his North Cornwall seat.

Mr Rowe instead faces an independent candidate running on an "anti-wind turbine" platform, marine microbiologist, Dr Emma Hambly.

Mr Rowe said he had already contacted his opponent for a chat and the pair had agreed on a "clean campaign".

Dr Hambly said concern over "landscape damage" was a "strong part of her reason" for putting herself forward.

In Devon, where turbines are also expected to play a major role, the leader of Torridge District Council, Barry Parsons, faces a strong challenge from the anti-wind lobby for his county seat.

Independent Penny Mills, chairman of the Torridge branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), is a fierce critic of the inability of the district authority to resist wind turbine applications.

She plans to highlight the issue during the next three weeks of campaigning.

Devon, which is currently controlled by the Conservatives the council with 41 seats, contains 600,000 eligible voters in the poll, which is held every four years.

Those elected would be tasked with dealing with an annual budget of about £1 billion a year, the council said.

The Conservatives are fielding a full slate of candidates in all wards, UKIP is battling in 61, Labour in 59 and the Liberal Democrats in 56.

The Green Party is fielding 48 candidates, alongside 17 independents standing and one BNP candidate in Exeter.

Also standing is one Liberal, four candidates from the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, which is opposing cuts, and one Communist Party candidate in Barnstaple.

In East Devon, where a battle continues to rage over development of the countryside, the Green Party said it was fielding six candidates compared to none four years ago.

Across Cornwall, there will be 103 Conservatives, 91 Liberal Democrats, 76 from UKIP, 68 Labour, 26 from Cornish nationalist group Mebyon Kernow, 23 Greens, one Liberal and 90 candidates standing as independents.

In Cornwall the public will have the opportunity to deliver their verdict on a council which has been blighted by bitter infighting within the Conservative group.

Over the past year the Cabinet has seen the council leader removed by a popular vote, a series of high-profile sackings, resignations and defections from the Conservative group to the independents.

Alec Robertson, who was ousted as leader after a rebellion among his ranks and opposition to privatisation plans among the wider membership, is to defend his Helston North seat.

John Keeling, until now an independent councillor, is standing as a Conservative in Breage.

George Trubody, a former Conservative Cabinet support member, is standing as an independent.



Alphington & Cowick

Dutch Dudgeon (UKIP)

Roy Hill (Lab)

Diana Frances Moore (Green)

Vanessa Newcombe (Lib Dem)

Louise Ten-Holter (Cons).

Duryard & Pennsylvania

Chris Barnett (Green)

Kevin Martin Chun (Lib Dem)

Hannah Packham (Lab)

Percy Prowse (Cons)

Colin Stewart (UKIP).

Exwick & St Thomas

Audaye Khalid Elesedy (Green)

Lee Matthew Gillett (Ind)

Rob Hannaford (Lab)

Brian Jeffery (UKIP)

Lizzie Roberts (Cons)

Sally Elizabeth Wilcox (Lib Dem).

Heavitree & Whipton Barton

Olwen Foggin (Lab)

Rouben Scott Freeman (Green)

Peter Geoffrey Holland (Cons)

Richard Timmis (UKIP

Ditch Townsend (Lib Dem).

Newtown & Polsloe

Jacqueline Holdstock (UKIP)

Carlus Hudson (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

Tom Milburn (Green)

Rob Newby (Cons)

Richard Westlake (Lab/Co-op)

Alan Williamson (Lib Dem).

Pinhoe & Mincinglake

John Robert Orm Ashton (Lib Dem)

Keith Crawford (UKIP)

Emma Morse (Lab)

Isaac Micah Euan Price-Sosner (Green)

Cynthia Thompson (Cons).

Priory & St Leonard’s

Nicola Guagliardo (Your Decision to Keep Lights On Party)

Andy Hannan (Lab)

Alison Harcourt (Green)

Joel Mason (Lib Dem)

Christopher Stone (BNP)

Stephanie Warner (Cons)

Jacalyn Warwick (UKIP).

St David & St. James

Andrew Wallace Bell (Green)

Philip John Brock (Lib Dem)

Ralph Gay (UKIP)

Jill Owen (Lab)

Luke Christopher Pilling (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

James Roberts (Cons).

St Loyes & Topsham

Valerie Angus (UKIP)

Mark Stephen Cox (Green)

Andrew Robert Leadbetter (Cons)

Christine Vince (Lib Dem)

Eliot Wright (Lab).



Paul G Hayward (Ind)

Rob Jordan (Lib Dem)

Andrew T Moulding (Cons)

Jerry Walden (Lab).

Broadclyst and Whimple

Peter N Bowden (Cons)

Sylvia M Brownlee (UKIP)

Derek G Button (Lib Dem)

Henry F Gent (Green)

Gillian Nicholls (Lab/Co-op).


Tony Badcott (Lab/Co-op)

Christine Channon (Cons)

Graham A Hooker (UKIP)

Lesley Miszewska (Lib Dem)

Roger P Saunders (Green).

Exmouth Brixington and Withycombe

Oliver Davey (Green)

Jill Elson (Cons)

Stuart Fegan (Lab)

John A Hone (UKIP)

Brenda O Taylor (Lib Dem).

Exmouth Halsdon and Woodbury

Tim Dumper (Lib Dem)

Bernard C Hughes (Cons)

Lesley Johnson (Lab)

Patrick C McAndrew (UKIP).

Exmouth Littleham and Town

Ray Davison (Lab)

John T Humphreys (Cons)

Ben Jones (Green)

Ann Prior (UKIP)

Eileen E Wragg (Lib Dem).

Honiton St Michael’s

Sharon D Pavey (Green)

Sara M Randall Johnson (Cons)

Brian J Smith (UKIP)

Michael J Teare (Lab)

Jonathan W Underwood (Lib Dem).

Honiton St Paul’s

Sally Boom (Lab)

Paul A Diviani (Cons)

Cathy Gardner (Ind)

Paul Newman (Lib Dem)

Martin R Paine (Green)

Peter C Townsend (UKIP).

Ottery St Mary Rural

Andrew V Blackwell (Lab)

John Kelly (UKIP)

Chris Wale (Cons)

Claire L Wright (Ind).

Seaton Coastal

Peter W Burrows (Lib Dem)

Jim Knight (Cons)

Warwick J Knowles (UKIP)

Stephen R Williams (Lab).

Sidmouth Sidford

Judy Blackwell (Lab)

Lawrie Brownlee (UKIP)

Martin Gammell (Lib Dem)

Stuart Hughes (Cons).

Mid Devon

Crediton Rural

Derek Roy Coren (Cons)

Lynne Richards (Lab)

Michael Szabo (UKIP)

Nick Way (Lib Dem).

Cullompton Rural

John Berry (Cons)

Lloyd Knight (UKIP

Colin Matthews (Green)

Jenny Roach (Lib)

Paul Jason Stone (Lab)

Luke Daniel Taylor (Lib Dem).

Newton St Cyres and Sandford

John Downes (Lib Dem)

Bob Edwards (UKIP)

Keith Povey (Green)

Margaret Edith Squires (Cons)

Charlie Werner (Lab).

Tiverton East

George Birch (UKIP)

Steve Bush (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

Christopher James Chesney (Lab)

Neal Vincent Davey (Cons)

Des Hannon (Lib Dem)

Robert Harper Rickey (Green).

Tiverton West

Polly Colthorpe (Cons)

Steve Flaws (Ind)

Anne Kilshaw (Lab)

Clive McIntyre (Ind)

Tony McIntyre (UKIP)

Henry George Edwin Oliver (Lib Dem)

Catherine Povey (Green).


Barnstaple North

Mark Michael Robert Cann (Lab)

Brian Carol Greenslade (Lib Dem)

Simon Peter Harvey (Cons)

Ricky Knight (Green)

Michael Edward Pagram (UKIP)

Tom Prideaux (Ind)

Gerrard Anthony Sables (Communist Party)

Barnstaple South

Rosemary Haworth-Booth (Green)

Chris Haywood (Lib Dem)

John Vincent Mathews (Cons)

Geoff Moody (Lab)

Christopher Frederick William Turner (UKIP)

Braunton Rural

Valerie Jean Cann (Lab)

Caroline Jean Chugg (Cons)

Stephen james Crowther (UKIP)

Jooley Fowles-Smith (Green)

Elizabeth Mary Spear (Lib Dem Focus Team).

Chulmleigh & Swimbridge

John Baglow (UKIP)

Richard Colin Edgell (Cons)

Mark Haworth-Booth (Green)

Marion Elizabeth Mason (Lab)

David John Worden (Lib Dem).

Combe Martin Rural

Scott Lawley (Green)

Andrea Vivienne Davis (Cons)

Rodney Hillman Hawes (Lib Dem)

Andy Norden (UKIP)

Heathcliffe Guy Pettifer (Lab).

Fremington Rural

Joanne Bell

Frank Biderman (Ind)

Rodney Sheridan Cann (Ind)

Caroline Susan Crowther (UKIP)

John Himan (Cons)

Danny James Neary (Lab)

Liz Wood (Green).


Paul Edward Crabb (Cons)

Mike Edmunds (Ind)

Marianna Holdsworth (Lab)

Alan Roy Whittle (UKIP).

South Molton Rural

Matthew Thomas Bushell (Lib Dem)

Hilary Kathryn Greenfield (Lab)

Brian David Hockin (UKIP)

L’Anne Knight (Green)

Jeremy Owen Yabsley (Cons).

South Hams

Bickleigh & Wembury

Sue Bridgwater (Lib Dem)

John Hart (Cons)

Hugh Martyn Williams (UKIP).

Dartmouth & Kingswear

Martyn Brian Cocks (UKIP)

Ben Cooper (Lab)

Jonathan Hawkins (Cons)

Janice Claire Henshall (Lib Dem).


Roger Frederick Croad (Cons)

Edward James Lally (UKIP)

Jon May (Lib Dem)

Katie Anne Reville (Green).

Kingsbridge & Stokenham

Julian Charles Brazil (Lib Dem)

Joshua John Alexander Gardner (UKIP)

Louise Lewis (Lab)

Keith Robert Henry Wingate (Cons).

South Brent & Dartington

Ray Harrington (UKIP)

Jacqi Hodgson (Green)

David Allan Robinson (Lib Dem)

Rosemary Rowe (Cons)

Tony Whitty (Lab).

Thurlestone, Salcombe & Allington

Michael Connelly (Lab)

Daniel Forster (Green)

Rufus Gilbert (Cons)

Dennis Hobday (UKIP)

Laurel Lawford (Lib Dem).

Totnes Rural

Andrew Bridgwater (Lib Dem)

Colin Edward Hair (Cons)

Ian Campbell Keir (UKIP)

Robert Vint (Green)

Carole Whitty (Lab).


Brian Samuel Blake (Lib Dem)

Janet Elsie Chapman (Green)

Will Mumford (Cons)

Stuart Edward Munnery (UKIP).


Ashburton & Buckfastleigh

Stuart Denis Barker (Cons)

Anna Clarke (Green)

Michael Harriott (Lab)

John Nutley (Lib Dem)

Alan Derek Whitton (UKIP).

Bovey Tracey

George Gribble (Cons)

Bruce Andrew Meechan (UKIP)

Sally Angela Morgan (Lib Dem)

Anna Murray Preece (Green)

Lisa Collette Robillard Webb (Lab).

Chudleigh Rural

Stephen Barnes (Lib Dem)

Jerry Brook (Cons)

Paricia Langman (Green)

Stephen John Kinross Purser (Ind)

Chris Raybould-Gooding (Lab)

Geoffrey Raymond Trezise (UKIP).


John Clatworthy (Cons)

Martin Heath (UKIP)

Mike James (Lib Dem)

Bernard Mills (Lab)

Gilly Robinson (Green).

Exminster & Kenton

Andy Bragg (Green)

Paul David Bull (Lab/Co-op)

Elizabeth Mary Burton (UKIP)

Alan Michael Connett (Lib Dem)

Kevin Andrew Lake (Cons).


David Philip Bailey (Green)

Tony Dempster (UKIP)

Michael John Hocking (Lib Dem)

Robert Alexander Kennedy (Lab)

Mike Walters (Cons).

Newton Abbot North

Eve Louise Barisic (Cons)

Julie Anne Boultby (Green)

Jackie Brodie (Lib Dem)

Will Forrow (UKIP)

Anne Fry (Ind)

Mary Brenda Kennedy (Lab).

Newton Abbot South

Paula Joan Black (Lab)

John Gadie (Cons)

Gordon Nicholas Hook (Lib Dem)

Rod Peers (UKIP).

Teign Estuary

Christopher Stuart Clarance (Cons)

David Nicholas Cox (Lib Dem)

Anthony Ronald Randall (Lab)

Richard Stanton (UKIP).

Teignbridge South

Keith Clements (Green)

Alistair Dewhirst (Lib Dem)

Sue Doidge (UKIP)

Dennis Esmond Smith (Cons)

Jacqueline Anne Stewart (Lab).


Sean Brogan (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

Niall Thomas Duffy (Lab)

James Robert McMurray (Cons)

Mike Smith (UKIP)

Richard Younger-Ross (Lib Dem).


Bideford south & Hartland

Alison Jane Boyle (Cons)

Anne Brenton (Lab)

Colin David Jones (Green)

Robin Julian (UKIP)

Adam James Symons (Ind)

Bob Wootton (Lib Dem).

Bideford East

David G Brenton (Lab)

Gaston Amedee Dezart (UKIP)

John Paul Hextall (Green)

Trevor John Johns (Lib Dem)

Sam Robinson (Cons).

Holsworthy Rural

Keith Stuart Funnell (Green)

Viv Gale (Lab)

Penny Mills (UKIP)

Barry Parsons (Cons)

Sandra Louise Willetts (Ind).


David Berryman (Lib Dem)

James Andrew Craigie (Lab)

Andrew John Eastman (Cons)

Peter Graham Hames (Green)

Chris Leather (UKIP).

Torrington Rural

Andy Boyd (Cons)

James Conabere (UKIP)

Adrian Stuart Freeland (Lib Dem)

Cathrine Hannah Simmons (Green)

Gillian Tesh (Lab).

West Devon

Hatherleigh and Chagford

Williams Douglas-Mann (Green)

Alan Gross (UKIP)

James Raymond McInnes (Cons)

Irene S Wareing (Lab).

Okehampton Rural

Kevin Ball (Cons)

Christopher John Bones (Lib Dem)

Terry Cummings (Lab)

Daniel Pledger (UKIP).


Moira Brown (Lab)

Alison Clish-Green (Lib Dem)

Judy Sara Maciejowska (Green)

George Edward Mudge (UKIP)

Debo Sellis (Cons).

Yelverton Rural

Gail Bones (Lib Dem)

Samantha Louise Loveridge (Lab)

Andrew George James Mudge (UKIP)

Philip Richard Sanders (Cons).




Sasha Gillard-Loft (Lib Dem)

Geoff Hale (Lab)

Vivian Hall (Cons)

John Robert Knights (UKIP).

Bodmin St Leonard

David Neil Acton (Lab)

Pat Rogerson (Lib Dem)

Peter Scoffham (Cons)

Chris Wallis (UKIP).

Bodmin St Mary’s

Janet Elizabeth Hulme (Lab)

Ann Mary Kerridge (Lib Dem)

Roger Charles Lashbrook (Mebyon Kernow)

Pete Walters (UKIP).

Bodmin St Petroc

John Ronald Gibbs (Mebyon Kernow)

Lance Kennedy (Ind)

John Masters (UKIP)

Steve Rogerson (Lib Dem).

Breage, Germoe and Sithney

John Victor Keeling (Cons)

Michael Kevin Mahon (UKIP).


Louise Jane Emo (Cons)

David Parsons (Lib Dem)

Nigel Pearce (Lab Dem).


Rachel Beadle (Cons)

Dave Doyle (Lab/Co-op)

Steve Hopper (Ind)

Jerry Jefferies (Mebyon Kernow)

Simon Rix (Lib Dem).


Andrew John Long (Mebyon Kernow)

Muriel June Merrett-Jones (Lib Dem)

Sally Ann Nicholson (Cons)

Dave Williams (UKIP).

Camborne Pendarves

David Atherfold (Cons)

Harry Blakeley UKIP)

Trevor Chalker (Lab)

John Ellery Gillingham (Mebyon Kernow).

Camborne Roskear

John Ellery Gillingham (Mebyon Kernow)

Tess Hulland (UKIP)

Jude Robinson (Lab/Co-op)

John Rowe (Mebyon Kernow)

Paul White (Cons)

Camborne Trelowarren

Adam Joseph Crickett (Lab)

David Gordon Everett (Green)

Zoe Deborah Fox (Mebyon Kernow)

Roger Laity (UKIP)

Jon Stoneman (Cons)

Camborne Treslothan

Roy Appleton (UKIP)

Nicholas James Heather (Ind)

Jacqueline Merrick (Green)

Anna Kerensa Pascoe (Lib Dem)

Alan Sanders (Mebyon Kernow)

Robert James Webber (Lab)

Morwenna Ann Williams (Cons).

Camborne Trewithian

Mike Champion (Mebyon Kernow)

Jeff Collins (Cons)

Viv Lewis (UKIP)

Steve Richards (Lab).


Keith Goodenough (Cons)

Rob Rotchell (Lib Dem).

Carharrack, Gwenap and St Day

Geoff Garbett (Green)

Mark Anthony Kaczmarek (Ind)

David Parker (UKIP)

Rosanna Phillips (Lab).

Chacewater, Kenwyn and Baldhu

John Dyer (Cons)

Ross Treseder (Ind)

Michael Edward Warren (UKIP)

Peggy Wicks (Lab).

Constantine, Mawnan and Budock

Lomond Handley (UKIP)

Neil Humphrey Hatton (Cons)

Susan Webber (Lab).

Crowan and Wendron

Jackie Harding (Lab)

Loveday Elizabeth Trevenen Jenkin (Mebyon Kernow)

David Knight (Ind)

Linda Joy Taylor (Cons).

Falmouth Arwenack

Geoffrey Frank Evans (Cons)

Robin Johnson (Lab)

Catherine Thornhill (Lib Dem).

Falmouth Boslowick

Roger Bonney (Lib Dem)

Steve Eva (Ind)

Mairia Allison Hayworth (UKIP)

Nicholas Jamie Jemmett (Lab)

Alan James Jewell (Cons).

Falmouth Penwerris

John Body (Ind)

Grenville George Chappel

Hanna Lucy Toms (Lab/Co-op)

Amanda Wymer (UKIP).

Falmouth Smithick

Liz Ashcroft (Cons)

Candy Atherton (Lab/Co-op)

Tony Canton (Ind)

Kenny Edwards (Lib Dem)

Diana Merrett (Ind)

Christopher Smith (Ind).

Falmouth Trescobeas

Rhun Davies (Lib Dem)

Carole Anne Douglas (UKIP)

Vicky Eva (Ind)

Euan McPhee (Green)

Brod Ross (Lab/Co-op)

David Saunby (Ind)

Peter Williams (Cons).

Feock and Playing Place

Steve Chamberlain (Cons)

Jayne Susannah Kirkham (Lab)

Bob Richards (Ind)

Christine Ryall (Lib Dem)

Four Lanes

Matthew Brown (Lab)

Derek John Elliott (UKIP)

Paul Thomas Holmes (Liberal Party in Cornwall)

Chris Lawrence (Mebyon Kernow)

Peter Sheppard (Cons).

Fowey and Tywardreath

Fiona Carlyon (Mebyon Kernow)

David Edward Hughes (Lib Dem)

Adrian Howard Wildish (Cons).

Grenville and Stratton

Paula Dolphin (Lib Dem)

Shorne Tilbey (Cons).

Gulval and Heamoor

Mario Lawrence Fonk (Lib Dem)

Rose Vera Smith (UKIP)

Pamela Ann Yeates (Cons).

Gunnislake and Calstock

Russell James Bartlett (Cons)

Martin Emery (Lib Dem)

Sam Gardner (UKIP)

Dorothy Kirk (Lab).

Gwinear-Gwithian and St Erth

Yvonne Bates (Lib Dem)

Theresa Margaret Byrne (Green)

Peter Channon (UKIP)

Lionel Pascoe (Cons)

Michael John Roberts (Ind)

Michael Reginald Smith (Lab)

Angelo Spencer-Smith (Ind).

Hayle North

Lynda Chidell (UKIP)

Anthony Kenneth Phillips (Lab)

John Pollard (Ind)

Hayle South

Graham Coad (Ind)

John Roberts Coombe (Ind)

Clive Polkinghorne (UKIP)

Anne-Marie Rance (Lab).

Helston North

Leonie Gough (UKIP)

Phil Martin (Ind)

Alec Robertson (Cons)

Mollie Scrase (Lib Dem).

Helston South

Scott Aaron Blandford (UKIP)

James Buchanan (Ind)

Tanya Dyer (Cons)

Judith Anne Haycock (Ind)

John Martin (Lib Dem).


Don Armstrong (UKIP)

David Raymond Ekinsmyth (Lib Dem)

Linda Sylvia Moore (Lab)

Stephen Anthony Richardson (Mebyon Kernow)

Terry Wilkins (Cons).

Ladock, St Clement and St Erme

Mike Eathorne-Gibbons (Cons)

Ian Jones (Lib Dem)

Jo Poland (Green)

Stuart Venison (Lab).

Lanivet and Blisland

Chris Batters (Lib Dem)

Steve Haynes (Green)

Tom Hobbs (UKIP).

Lanner and Stithians

James Alan Biscoe (Ind)

Laura Eileen Eyre (Lab)

Bob Mims (UKIP)

Neil Plummer (Ind)

John Thomas (Ind)

Peter Tisdale (Ind).

Launceston Central

Alex Folkes (Lib Dem)

Kris Roberts (Lab)

Philip William Tucker (Cons).

Launceston North and North Petherwin

Graham Ford (UKIP)

Max Richard Hailey (Ind)

Adam Richard Paynter (Lib Dem)

Bill Sowerby (Cons)

Zdan-Michajlowicz (Ind).

Launceston South

John Charles Conway (Ind)

Jade Lynne Farrington (Lib Dem)

Susan Roberts Alfar (Lab)

James Alan Wonnacott (UKIP).

Lelant and Carbis Bay

Maxine Armstrong (Green)

Ricahrd Glanville (Ind)

Howard Hollingsbee (Lib Dem)

Sandy Martin (UKIP)

Liz Penhaligon (Cons)

Graham Edward Webster (Lab).

Liskeard East

Oliver John Challis (UKIP)

Sally Jane Hawken (Ind)

Tony Powell (Lib Dem)

John Gerrard Stevenson (Cons).

Liskeard North

Thusha Balalojanan (Cons)

Roger Graeme Holmes (Ind)

Jenifer Grace Lucas (UKIP)

Jan Powell (Lib Dem).

Liskeard West and Dobwalls

Michael Frederick George (Lib Dem)

Patricia Kareen Mary Marris (UKIP).

Looe East

James Stephen Gowing (Cons)

Rick Harmes (Green)

Sandra Margaret Preston (Lib Dem)

Les Richmond (UKIP)

Armand Jean Toms (Ind).

Looe West, Lansallas and Lanteglos

Brian Galipeau (Cons)

Edwina Mary Hannaford (Lib Dem)

Tony Winter (UKIP).


Benedicte Poula Gwyneth Bay (Cons)

Marian Oldor Candy (Lib Dem)

Nigel Andrew Challis (UKIP)

Graham Thomas Jarrett (Ind).


Ian Edward Flindall (Green)

Roy Mann (Cons)

Robert Lee Smith (UKIP).


Finbar John Heely (Cons)

Christine Joy Hordley (Lib Dem)

Stephanie McWilliam (UKIP)

Alan William Neal (Ind).

Mabe, Perranarworthal and St Gluvias

John Ault (Lib Dem)

Christopher Jackson (Ind)

Michael Charles Keogh (UKIP)

Chris Ridgers (Cons)

Betty Ross (Lab).

Marazion and Perranuthnoe

Sue Nicholas (Cons)

Glyn Owen (UKIP)

Peter David Williams (Green).


Charles Robert Boney (Lib Dem)

David Clue (UKIP)

Bernie Ellis (Cons)

Richard John Sedgley (Green).


Michael Bunney (Lab)

Katherine Moseley (Green)

James Michael Mustoe (Cons)

Ella Jill Westland (Lib Dem)

Michael Williams (UKIP).

Mount Charles

Anne Rachel Double (Cons)

Gary James King (Ind)

Shirley Polmounter

Eileen Rix (Lib Dem)

Paul David Roberts (Lab).

Mount Hawke and Portreath

Joyce Mitchell Duffin (Lib Dem)

Phillip Knight (Lab)

Eileen Lilian Lewis (UKIP).

Mullion and Grade-Ruan

Alfred Mesroplans (Cons)

Carolyn Ada Rule (Ind)

Nina Sutherland (UKIP).

Newlyn and Goonhavern

Lisa Shuttlewood (Cons)

Rod Toms (Mebyon Kernow

Meg Tremayne (Lab).

Newlyn and Mousehole

Nigel Ashley Davis (Ind)

George Richard Martin Ford (Green)

Roger Harding (Cons)

Nicholas Grenville Round (Lab)

Tacy Susan Smith (UKIP)

Caroline Alice Cheyne White (Lib Dem).

Newquay Central

Geoff Brown (Lib Dem)

Steven Charles Slade (Ind).

Newquay Pentire

Lyndon Spencer Harrison (Cons)

Joanna Nora Kenny (Lib Dem)

Newquay Treloggan

Dave Sleeman (Lib Dem)

Kevin Towill (Cons).

Newquay Tretherras

George Edwards (Lib Dem)

Patrick John Handsford Lambshead (Cons)

Doris Latham (UKIP).

Newquay Treviglas

Joan Bowden (Labour)

Sandy Carter (Lib Dem)

Andy Hannan (Cons)

Mark Hicks (UKIP).


Richard Buscombe (Lib Dem)

Stephen Rushworth (Cons).

Par and St Blazey Gate

Richard Pears (Cons)

Douglas Scafton (Lib Dem)

Alison Jane Watkins ((Ind).

Penryn East and Mylor

Paula Clements (UKIP)

David Garwood (Mebyon Kernow)

Tony Martin (Cons)

John Symons (Ind)

Miriam Venner (Lab)

Judith Whiteley (Lib Dem).

Penryn West

Cait Hutchings (Lib Dem)

Jim Lloyd-Davies (Lab)

Mary Katherine May (Ind)

Martin David Orders (UKIP).

Penwithick and Boscoppa

Jamie Hanlon (Cons)

Matthew John Luke (Mebyon Kernow)

Christopher John Rowe (Lib Dem).

Penzance Central

Peter Edward Mates (UKIP)

John Moreland (Ind)

Cornelius Michael John Olivier (Lab)

Michael Thomas Rabbitte (Cons)

Phil Rendle (Mebyon Kernow)

Penny Young (Lib Dem).

Penzance East

Tim Dwelly (Lab)

Angela Jane Elliott (Cons)

Mick Faulkner (UKIP)

Ruth Lewarne (Lib Dem)

Michelle Linnette Paine (Green)

Rob Simmons (Mebyon Kernow).

Penzance Promenade

Daniel Garside (Lib Dem)

John Kirman (Lab)

Jim McKenna (Ind)

David Lee Miles (Cons)

Elizabeth Catherine Shore (UKIP).


Michael Callan (Ind)

Simon Richard Coley (Lab)

Paul Andrew Roger Dunbar (Mebyon Kernow)

Mark Richard Langdon (Ind)

Lisa Jane Marshall (Cons).

Pool and Tehidy

Brenda Eileen Blakeley (UKIP)

Clive Bramley (Cons)

Malcolm John Moyle (Lab).

Porthleven and Helston West

Richard Goedegebuur (Lib Dem)

Stephen Gough (UKIP)

Liz Lane (Cons)

Andrew Wallis (Ind).


Andrew Vernon (Cons)

Nicky Chopak (Lib Dem)

Rupert Powell

Paul Sousek (Mebyon Kernow).

Probus, Tregony and Grampound

Bob Egerton (Ind)

Steve Kendall (UKIP)

Sean William Marshall (Cons)

Norman Cecil Roach (Lab).

Rame Peninsular

Becky Lingard (Lib Dem)

Peter John McLaren (UKIP)

George William Trubody (Ind)

Chris Wilton (Cons).

Redruth Central

Wally Duncan (UKIP)

Mike Eddowes (Cons)

Raymond John Webber (Lab).

Redruth North

Robert Stephen Barnes (Lab)

Lisa Dolley (Ind)

Ann Jessie Wood (UKIP).

Redruth South

Ian Thomas (Ind)

Will Tremayne (Lab)

Ray Wyse (UKIP).


Brian John Higman (Mebyon Kernow)

Derek Robert Walker (Cons).

John Wood (Ind)


Elizabeth Ann Coleman (UKIP)

Julian Ronald Ralph German (Ind)

Frederick Greenslade (Cons)

Callum Ian Macleod (Lab).

Saltash East

Derek Alan Holley (Ind)

James Alexander Shepherd (Lib Dem)

David Ward (Cons).

Saltash North

John Joseph Brady (Ind)

Joe Ellison (Ind)

Denise Watkins (Lib Dem).

Saltash South

Hilary Anne Frank (Lib Dem)

Beryl Rosekilly (Cons).

Saltash West

Bob Austin (Lib Dem)

Gloria Mary Challen (Cons).

St Agnes

Dawn Patricia Brown (Cons)

Robert John Harrison (Lab)

Pete Mitchell (Lib Dem).

St Austell Bay

Tom French (Cons)

Anne Langley (Ind)

Maggi Pitches (Lab).

St Austell Bethel

Malcolm Alan Brown (Lib Dem)

Bob Davidson (Cons)

Brendan Parkinson (Lab/Co-op)

Ian Proctor (UKIP

Graham Eric Walker (Ind).

St Austell Gover

Sandra Elizabeth Heyward

Ann Mary Phillips (Lab)

Jenny Stewart (Cons).

St Austell Poltair

Jackie Bull (Lib Dem)

Derek Charles Collins (Mebyon Kernow)

Adam William Harris (Cons)

Andrea Hilary Lanxon (Lab/Co-op).

St Blazey

Liam John Bellamy (Ind)

Peter Sinclair (Cons)

Roy Taylor (Lib Dem)

Stuart David Wheeler (Lab).

St Buryan

Frank Blewett (Lib Dem)

Norman Anthony Bliss (Ind)

Juliet Jane Eavis (Lab)

Peter Alan Hardy (Green)

Bill Maddern (Cons).

St Cleer

Len Clark (Ind)

David Garth Lucas (UKIP)

Lisa Jane Sargeant (Cons)

Derris Rosslyn Watson (Lib Dem).

St Columb Major

John Bell (Cons)

Pat Harvey (Ind)

Debbie Hopkins (Lab)

Alvin Augustus Martin (Lib Dem).

St Dennis and Nanpean

Fred Greenslade (Ind)

Barbara Hannan (Cons)

Kim Wonnacott (Ind).

St Dominick, Harrowbarrow and Kelly Bray

Maria Coakley (Mebyon Kernow)

Jim Flashman (Cons)

Phillip Edward Lawrence Harriman

Dave Lawson (UKIP)

Charles Andrew Merrett Jones (Lib Dem).

St Enoder

Dick Cole (Mebyon Kernow)

Elizabeth Hawken (Ind).

St Germans and Landulph

Joseph Anthony Cummins (UKIP)

Mervyn Richard Ellis (Ind)

Jesse Foot (Lib Dem)

Daniel Richard Pugh (Cons).

St Issey and St Tudy

Emma Karenza Hambly (Ind)

Jeremy Charles Rowe (Lib Dem).

St Ives East

Tim Andrewes (Green)

Roy Britton (UKIP)

Terry Murray (Lab)

Madie Parkinson-Evans (Lib Dem)

Morag Robertson (Ind)

Joan Hilary Symons (Cons).

St Ives West

Stuart Guppy (UKIP)

Malcolm David Hurst (Lab)

Andrew Paul Mitchell (Ind)

Lester Scott (Lib Dem)

Joan Tanner (Cons)

Ron Tulley (Green).

St Just in Penwith

Sue James (Lib Dem)

David Ian Lenaghan (Cons)

Kevin McFadden (Ind)

Kirsty Pritchard (Lab)

Adrian Guy Smith (UKIP).

St Keverne and Meneage

Brian George Bailey (UKIP)

Dominic Brandreth (Green)

Ann Round (Lab)

Walter Norman Sanger (Cons).

St Mawgan and Colan

John Fitter (Cons)

Rob Poole (Mebyon Kernow).

St Mewan

Malcolm Harvey Harris (Ind)

John Edward Charles Kneller (Cons)

Janet Hazel Lockyer (Lib Dem).

St Minver and St Endellion

Brian Allan Gisbourne (Cons)

Ed Headley-Hughes (Lib Dem)

Andy Penny (Ind).

St Stephen-in-Brannel

Des Curnow (Ind)

Keith Hickman (UKIP).

St Teath and St Breward

Henry Hine (Cons)

Eddie Jones (Lib Dem)

John Lugg.

Stoke Climsland

Neil Hillson Burden (Ind)

Wayne Gostling (Lib Dem)

John Phillips (Cons)

Antonia Mary Damaris Willis (UKIP).

Threemilestone and Gloweth

Tim Deeble (Ind)

Adam Desmonde (Cons)

Philip Jack Fenton (Lab)

Ken Hart (Ind)

John Humar (Ind)

Moyra Nolan (Lib Dem)

Chris Pascoe (Ind).


Susan Jane Bowen (UKIP)

Glenton Bruce Brown (Lib Dem)

Paul William Charlesworth (Cons).

Torpoint East

John Crago (Cons)

Brian Hobbs (Lib Dem)

Rob White (UKIP).

Torpoint West

Adam David Evan Killeya (Lib Dem)

Mike Pearn (Cons).


Jim Candy (Lib Dem)

Peter Hunt (Cons)

Anthony Hamilton Marris (UKIP).

Truro Boscawen

Bert Biscoe (Ind)

Noel Kirshnan (Cons)

Lindsay Diane Southcombe (Green)

Susan Street (Lab)

Maurice Vella (Lib Dem).

Truro Redannick

Pamela Atherton (Lab)

Lance Dyer (Mebyon Kernow)

Lorrie Eathorne-Gibbons (Cons)

Howard Martin Newlove (Green)

Rob Nolan (Lib Dem).

Truro Tregolls

Godfrey Richard Allen (Green)

Ros Cox (Lib Dem)

Judy Cresswell (Cons)

Margaret Ruth George (Lab)

James Paul Minahan (UKIP)

Loic Rich (Ind).

Truro Trehaverne

Steve Angove (Green)

Peter Congdon (Lib Dem)

Fiona Margaret Ferguson (Cons)

Michael Ian Inglefield (UKIP)

Richard Lees (Lab)

Charlotte Mackenzie (Ind).

Wadebridge East

Brian Aubone Bennetts (Cons)

Colin William Brewer (Ind)

Roderick Harrison (UKIP)

Adrian Darrell Jones (Lab)

Steve Knightly (Lib Dem)

Sarah Hannah Maguire (Ind).

Wadebridge West

Scott Mann (Cons)

Elliot Anthony Osborne (Lib Dem)

John David Whitby (Lab/Co-op).

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