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Shadow minister's fears for 'Kerswell bypass

By This is Exeter  |  Posted: March 10, 2009

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THE Labour Government's public spending 'mess' could threaten the go ahead for Kingskerswell bypass, it has been claimed.

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said during yesterday's trip to Newton Abbot and Torquay they feared that rather than giving the go ahead for extra public works in a bid to boost the economy, Labour was slowing down projects, such as the £130million link road.

"At one stage it looked as if the Government was poised to give it the go ahead. But the big worry now is that we are getting the message from Government that there is a New Deal programme of major works, but on the ground they are actually cutting projects. They are cutting schools and colleges, like the South Devon College expansion. The rhetoric is not matching the reality," he said. "I am concerned that the Government will put back this scheme, which we have supported locally and nationally."

But he said he could not give any guarantees that if the Tories got into power they could afford the new road.

"Our concern is that public finances are getting in such a mess, that we will have a real challenge turning it around.

"We want to invest in infrastructure, we want to invest in the future in creating an environment where Britain is an easier and better place to do business and where places like Torbay have a better chance of thriving economically.

"But we have real concerns about what is going to be left in the public sector finances once this is all over. I don't want anyone to be under any illusion about the challenge we will face. There are many things we want to do which will take us longer because of the state of the finances Gordon Brown will be leaving behind. But the goodwill is there and the desire to do right by places like Torbay that needs support and investment."

Mr Grayling said the Tory party was currently working on a series of initiatives centring on seaside resorts.

They hope to publish their results before the summer. "We do understand that areas like Torbay have real issues that have to be tackled," he said. Mr Grayling was looking at the work being achieved with community policing and community safety.

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  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Loon, Torbay  |  March 11 2009, 9:06AM

    Roy, "...then question how Brussells [sic] and our bypass are linked. " Exactly. There is nothing to suggest that this road scheme is the victim of the EU. Perhaps the major economic downturn is a factor, or the wars in the middle east, etc..

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Flora Dickson, Paignton  |  March 11 2009, 12:14AM

    Edginswell - it's got a 'd' in it! Funny that Edginswell is listed as in Newton Abbot on Google maps and then in the next story it reports on a house in Aller Park Road, Kingskerswell (being on fire) but it's actually in Newton Abbot! Why don't we just rename Torquay as Newton Abbot then we wouldn't need a link road!

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Steve, Newton Abbot  |  March 10 2009, 9:59PM

    Another thing that annoys me is the Eginswell industrial Estate, why on earth is it being built, its only going to cause more congestion on the A380 why is it being bulit before or without the bypass? I can see a piece of waste land that will probably end up with deserted empty units. Buisnesses want easy acess places like Brunel industrial estate or Marsh Barton, not Eginswell linked by a congested road, and a never to be bypass its going to be hard to sell. How sorry I feel for the residents of Eginswell! A beutiful rural village ruined by a building an unecessary industrial estate, and it did not have to be like that, its a waste. And lets face it it was only built on the fantasy and whimsy of a bypass.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Steve, Newton Abbot  |  March 10 2009, 9:41PM

    I very much doubt that the bypass will ever be built. The scheme remember was halted in November when other bypasses were fast tracked ( by the way, these bypasses were in labour areas). Now labour is happy its pleased its people, they could'nt care less about us or about our dying towns in Torbay. Personally with the reality of a Kerswell bypass about as far fetched now as Britain raising the Titanic before Easter. We may aswell forget the scheme and look in to alternatives, fewer people shop in Torbay nowadays including myself, and there are not many jobs in Torbay either. Maybe the way ahead is more 'work from home jobs' cheaper bus and train fares. But its wrong that so much money has been spent on planning a bypass that quite honstly is unlikely ever to be built.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Feddup Torbay, Torbay  |  March 10 2009, 6:53PM

    Let the people of Torbay go to Parliament on a mass protest -If two thirds of the population went (100,000) would raise the profile of the need here a damned sight more effectively than our impotent politicians. All our politicians hot air has done nothing so far, direct action is required

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Roy Winbow, Torbay  |  March 10 2009, 5:45PM

    I respect your opinion Loon But, there's a lot less fabrication going on in the press about Brussels than you may think, and as far as grants are concerned we put a lot more in than we get back. Speak to the French farmers about the stupidity of Brussels, and how they find it financially better to go over to vineyards in some areas, speak to the Italians and ask about the reduction of their food production, but how Billions dissappeared into thin air on Motorway scheme's that will never get finished, then question how Brussells and our bypass are linked.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Roy Winbow, Torbay  |  March 10 2009, 11:25AM

    I know the area of Kent you talk about Phillip. One of the problems is that there is no one in any Local or County council willing or brave enough ( or dare I say the balls) to stand up against Westminster. Currently Ashford are trying to sue the government over the handling of the Eurostar terminal, now vertually defunct as the new link to London bypasses it, but the government have created a new terminal at Ebbsfleet, and an infra structure to go with it, why, to serve the £20 billion Olymipics, which most London residents don't want. A lot of the jobs created in Kent were to placate the locals, fewer trains stop at Ashford these days and the retail park is going the same way as Torquay. I believe that everyone who cares about the survival of their community should constantly petition their local councillors, county councillors and, more importantly, their MP's to represent their region in the manner the electorate expect and stop following some innane party policy produced by fools who know nothing of the area or it's problems. To many politicians seem to think that once they have 'got in' their home and dry, keep their heads down and just go with the flow. The constant threat of deselection should hover over their heads in the same way as redundancy is the Sword of Damacles to the working man. Only this way will we get back to true democracy.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Loon, Torbay  |  March 10 2009, 11:23AM

    Roy, I'm not sure what this has to do with Brussels, but bear in mind that this country does receive numerous grants from the EU, it's just that the press would rather print stories about "Brussels beaurocrats" insist that bananas have to be a certain size and shape (even if the stories are, in fact, totally fabricated.) The financial problems we are experiencing at the moment (which are probably the cause of the government "wibbling") didn't originate in the EU, and some of the countries best placed to survive the problems are actually EU countries.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Nick w, Torquay  |  March 10 2009, 10:29AM

    Well I remember the tories de-trunked the A380 in the mid 90s. It's been downhill from there!

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Philip Godden, Brixham  |  March 10 2009, 9:53AM

    This road is so badly needed in some shape or other. I recently visited Maidstone in Kent after a 15 year absence and was amazaed at the development that has taken place in that time. I then asked myself, "Where is that equivalent development and progress in Torbay?" Last year Ashford in Kent had an increase of over 1,000 jobs in all sectors. A similar figure in Torbay would go a long way to solving many problems. Why is Torbay so behind? Discuss.