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Torquay and Dartmouth Red Arrows displays cancelled - official

By Herald Express  |  Posted: August 23, 2011

Red Arrows

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ORGANISERS of the Red Arrows displays in Torquay and Dartmouth have confirmed that their displays will not go ahead.

The news was announced this afternoon.

Torbay Royal Regatta organisers and their counterparts in Dartmouth had been on 'official standby' following the Bournemouth airshow tragedy.

The Arrows were due to fly tomorrow evening in Torbay and on Friday in Dartmouth.

Debbie Selley, of Torbay Royal Regatta committee, confirmed the news this afternoon, and the Dartmouth Royal Regatta made their own announcement.

Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging was killed when his Hawk T1 aircraft Red 4 crashed around 1km south east of Bournemouth Airport at 13.50 hours on Saturday.

A Red Arrows spokesman confirmed: “Officially we are on standby and cannot say any more at this time.

“A full Service Inquiry into the details of the crash has been initiated. It would be inappropriate to speculate on the causes of the incident at this time.”

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  • Larrythelover  |  August 25 2011, 1:52PM

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  • JasonMint  |  August 24 2011, 6:03PM

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  • conkerhead  |  August 24 2011, 5:13PM

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