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Torquay town centre ban for girl, 19, after swearing, begging and drinking

By Herald Express  |  Posted: August 03, 2012

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A 19-YEAR-OLD troublemaker has been banned from Torquay town centre after repeated acts of swearing, begging and drinking in the street.

Toni Marie Hurley has been handed an anti-social behaviour order which stops her entering Castle Circus, Union Square and parts of Tor Hill Road except to visit the JobCentre, her solicitor or the court.

Police say Hurley is a prolific offender who has shown a 'complete disregard' for the feelings of members of the public.

Her antics include swearing, drinking, begging and urinating in public mainly in and around Castle Circus.

She ignored previous warnings to clean up her act and police say the Asbo, which includes four strict prohibitions, has been imposed as a last resort.

Torbay Community Safety Sergeant Lou Costin said: "Toni Hurley was one of the most prolific offenders, causing continued anti-social behaviour in and around Castle Circus.

"She showed a complete disregard to the interim Asbo that had been awarded by magistrates and continually affected those in the community, including young and old, who were trying to go about their day to day business, shopping, working or visiting the area."

Torbay police secured an interim Asbo on April 4 but Hurley carried on her offensive behaviour.

She now has a full Asbo which lasts for two years.

The prohibitions are:

not to act or incite others to act in an anti-social behaviour manner that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons

not to remain in any shop, residential home designated for the retired or elderly, business or licensed premises if asked to leave by staff, nor return to any premises from which banned unless with the express permission of the manager in the area of Torquay as defined

not to enter the area of Torquay as defined save for travel to and from a pre-arranged appointment at the job centre, an appearance at Torbay magistrates court, or visit to her solicitors

not to carry needles other than in a safe and closed container in public, not to dispose of needles other than placing in a designated secure receptical.

Breaches of the Asbo carry a maximum of five years in jail.

Sgt Costin said that tackling anti-social behaviour is one of Torbay's top priorities.

He said: "We will continue to work closely with our partners to ensure the community of Torbay feel safe without having to be subjected to offensive or abusive behaviour by the minority."

If anyone wants to report anti-social behaviour call the hotline on 01803 207900 or email asb@torbay.gov.uk.

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  • leicesbird  |  August 05 2012, 11:25AM

    Dint they ban Glenn from torquay for less !!!!!!!

    |   1
  • Chunder123  |  August 04 2012, 5:23PM

    look at the illegal wars our government have created. in the sanctions our government even destroyed a dates food factory in iraq and powdered milk factory and admitted to it. it makes me sick to see everybody grovelling to our government and what they have done

    |   -11
  • SmartyC  |  August 04 2012, 11:18AM

    So for constantly breaching the ASBO she was given on April 4th, she's been punished with... an ASBO! That'll teach her...!

    |   13
  • Chunder123  |  August 04 2012, 1:29AM

    They're actors

  • rivierarover  |  August 03 2012, 4:43PM

    Must have breached the ASBO! From around the courts. Toni Maria HURLEY, Elmsleigh Road, Paignton. Age: 19. Breach of a community order imposed for theft offences. Committed to detention in a young offenders' institution for 12 weeks. Reason: Because drug motivated persistent offending; defendant unable, unwilling to comply with community order due to ongoing addictions.

    |   9
  • plainmoormum  |  August 03 2012, 12:31AM

    I used to live in a block of flats next to this girl and her mother..my god was i glad to move you can't blame her she has only followed in her mothers footsteps which is a shame as she was a nice young girl.

    |   12
  • EvaBrain  |  August 02 2012, 11:26PM

    Fantastic asbo banning her from castle circus unless she is visiting the job centre or her solicitors or the courts or her drug rehab centre or her alcoholic rehab centre. So if she is found in the library the Police might act, what a joke our legal system has become.

    |   12
  • RexDog  |  August 02 2012, 10:47PM

    "Sgt Costin said that tackling anti-social behaviour is one of Torbay's top priorities." what a load of tripe that is. The police could not care less, we have problems with a neighbour for 18 months now, slashing car tyres, damaging parked cars, smashing windows, being a keen fisherman he mixes his poo with water, that is to attracts fish on Babbacombe Beach, he puts all his fish remains in the to the drains at his flat, blocking drains, pushed a dividing wall over and damaged a car, the police sent useless and apparently powerless PCSO's to deal with the matter. They arranged for a meeting with neighbours,the council also attended, this resulted in a further meeting and logs being kept by nine neighbours. The logs were completed the further meeting was attended by a police sergeant and a PC, both dressed down for their day off, shorts and tee shirts were the order of the day, no further action was taken by the council or the police, what a waste of time. Now 9 people have no respect for the police or the council. The council official had done no home work on the incidents and had another meeting to attend so she could not stay. The police had a CCTV DVD of the events that occurred on the neighbours car park of damaged being done to a neighbours car, which they misplaced. The police said we had only reported 3 incidents, we had infact reported nine incidents, that includes three from a neighbour, and that was all in 3 months. When you phone in these incidents you contact a civvy in Plymouth, and they are all experts of the weather,the wind blew the wall over, according to them and when I caught the guy stealing our water they said they could not prosecute because they could not prove who the water belonged to???? One other thing we took the logs to the council and they misplaced them aswell.If you want to print the log forms off of the Torbay Council website you have to look under 'dogs barking' that is if you wish to report anyone for anti social behaviour. You could not make this up. Adrian Sanders has been involved from the start and now we have handed it all back to him. May take it top the Herald Express also. Two of the four neighbours who lived next door have now moved and two units are now for sale. The neighbour who was put in the place is under mental care people, they rent the place. He still fishes, puts bright lights on at 2 or 3 am and still bangs and disturbs us at night, again at 3 or 4 am. The Landlords at these addresses are still absent, no one can trace them.

    |   10
  • madmossy  |  August 02 2012, 12:20PM

    Another model citizen in the bay area.

    |   6
  • DoucheBag2010  |  August 02 2012, 9:56AM

    I think this girl has been failed. She looks much younger than she actually is. I used to see her all the time when I worked in Torquay. Where are her parents? She is always hanging around with older men. Its just wrong!

    |   16