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Tribute to former Mayor of Newton Abbot

By Herald Express  |  Posted: December 26, 2012

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I WAS saddened to read of the recent death of Michael Chope, former Mayor of Newton Abbot.

I knew him many years ago when he was one of my students on the Open University Arts Foundation course, and can heartily endorse the tributes to his reliability and consistency.

Despite being under enormous pressure both from his own health issues and illness in his immediate family, he was a regular attendee at tutorials in Torquay, and I do not think he ever missed an assignment.

I was delighted when he achieved his very well-earned degree. He was an achiever in every sense of the word. I send my heartfelt sympathy and good wishes to Jan and to their children.


Retired Open University Tutor-Counsellor

Hillside Road


Come back as a cat

RE Bob Curtis on coming back as a cat.

I am in full agreement with him as I would also like to come back as a well loved cat.

Having only recently lost our dear Daisy after many years with us, we badly miss her and the way she ruled our household.

The house seems so quiet with no one to welcome us back when we go out.

Although she could get back into the house anytime she wished through her own door, she was always sat at the end of the drive waiting for us to return home.

God bless you Daisy and thank you.


Copythorne Road


Living with diabetes

THE festive season can feel like a daunting prospect for the 2.9 million people living with diabetes in the UK, but having the condition doesn't mean traditional foods are forbidden.

To help people manage their diabetes over the festive season Diabetes UK has put together a special section on our website which is packed with tips and guidance, as well as great recipes.

There is also handy advice about food at parties, safe guidelines for alcohol consumption and information on how to choose healthier options of your favourite dishes, nibbles and treats.

Diabetes UK is also recommending that people with diabetes and their family and friends shouldn't be tempted to buy foods labelled 'diabetic'.

Diabetic foods offer no special benefit to people with diabetes and will still affect blood glucose levels.

These foods contain just as much fat and calories as the ordinary versions, can have a laxative effect and can be expensive.

It makes much more sense to have small amounts of ordinary festive foods instead and balance this with healthier recipes and snacks.

The other important thing to remember is to stay active and work off some of the extra calories being consumed. You could take a walk or do some housework. For more information go to www.diabetes.org.uk


Regional Manager South West Diabetes UK

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