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UFOs 'were just paper lanterns from wedding'

By This is SouthDevon  |  Posted: May 14, 2009

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MORE sightings of strange, bright orange lights flying above Torbay over the weekend have been reported.

Brixham resident Anthony Sherwood spotted an illuminated 'disc' from his window at around 9.30pm on Saturday.

Similar lights were seen by Freda Durkin, 78, and her son John, 52, from their flat at Bronshill Road, Torquay, at around the same time.

They were alerted to the eerie vision by Freda's daughter who saw them above her home overlooking Torquay harbour.

But Sally Debney, of Torquay, reckons she has solved the riddle of the strange lights.

She says they may be down to paper lanterns which were released during a wedding in Churston that night.

"I was at my brother-in-law's wedding at the Churston Court Hotel and at dusk, around 9.30pm, they let off seven or eight sky lanterns," Sally said.

"They are big discs, bigger than a beach ball, made out of white paper and when you light the bottom they float into the sky like mini hot air balloons without the basket.

"By the time they had finished lighting them all it was quite dark. They look white with orange flames.

"They go right up until you can't see them any more. We watched them fly over the rooftops of the church and then go up into the sky.

"They were really bright and went quite far. It may have been what people saw.

"I know at the time everyone was joking it would be in the paper tomorrow that people had seen UFOs."

Freda said her daughter, who wishes to remain anonymous, saw 12 orange lights in the sky flying in a diamond formation.

"She phoned us up and said they were heading our way and that there were another four lights at the end of the big bunch of lights," the pensioner explained.

"We only saw the four. They were high up in the sky and coming from Brixham way right over Hatfield.

"They were shaped like a Victoria sponge, sloping on the sides and flat on top.

"I thought they were UFOs. We've seen a few on the motorway when we used to visit my youngster daughter in London.

"I wouldn't like to meet one of the men who were flying in them. It's frightening. They make my heart beat fast because it's something nobody really knows about.

"If you had to meet one of them with big eyes — and looking like they don't have any clothes on, me at 78, it would make me go haywire."

John added "I've seen them twice," he said.

"The first time they came very, very close to me. There were two then and I was on the top balcony of the flats watching the fireworks on the harbour.

"They appeared from the east and came within a couple of hundred yards in front of me, they were virtually level with me.

"They looked like orange lights in the distance but when they came up I could see quite clearly an orange light inside which looked like a glass beach ball.

"It was like a cross, thick in the middle and thin on the outside edges. It was too bright to see if anyone was inside.

"I tried looking right into the centre of the light and, this is going to sound stupid, but it looked like in the middle of the orange there were lots of little orange balls, like Maltesers, all jiggling around inside".

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