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UKIP to target Torbay election seat says MP Adrian Sanders

By HEGuyH  |  Posted: May 26, 2014

Adrian Sanders

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TORBAY'S Lib Dem MP Adrian Sanders believes UKIP could target the bay at next year's General Election.

Mr Sanders was writing on his Facebook profile the morning after the UK Independence Party swept to its best night ever at the European Elections.

Nigel Farage's anti-EU party topped the polls by some margin in Torbay and Teignbridge.

Mrs Sanders wrote: "The count in Torbay covered the whole of the Bay and not just the Torbay Parliamentary constituency. Around a third of the electorate reside in the Brixham wards, Galmpton with Churston ward, and Blatchcombe Ward that are in the Totnes constituency.

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"The declaration across the bay varied significantly from the South West region and the rest of the UK. While UKIP topped the poll, as they have done in the past two European Elections in Torbay, they increased their share of the vote by an impressive 7.7%.

"Their 42.6% share of the total vote must make Torbay, and possibly Totnes as well, major targets for UKIP at the General Election."

He went on: "For me it’s a sense of deja vu. In 2009 the (Lib Dem) Party came a poor third across the bay, the Tories were jubilant even though they had been beaten by UKIP, Labour claimed they were on the up because the Lib Dems had fallen back, but 11 months later I increased my majority within the Torbay constituency boundaries.

"I am not at all complacent but I know having observed these matters over many years that people vote in different numbers for different reasons at different elections and if a week is a long time in politics, 11 months is an eternity."

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  • Army_of_Light  |  July 12 2014, 6:15PM

    HOW THE LIB DEMS DERAILED THE PROSECUTION OF A PAEDOPHILE MP AND REWARDED HIS CRIMES WITH A KNIGHTHOOD Back in 1968 the Police were more than ready to prosecute the paedophile Cyril Smith. And yet they weren't able to. Police complained of veiled threats from local Liberals. Even the local MP was encouraged to speak to the Director of Public Prosecutions on Smith's behalf and shortly afterwards the case was dropped. In 1972 Smith became the Liberal MP for Rochdale in a by-election and retained the seat until his retirement in 1992. When Smith's paedophilia had hit the news stands back in 1978 the then Liberal Party leader David Steel was asked to comment. His office responded, "It's not a very friendly gesture publishing that! All he seems to have done is spank a few bare bottoms." But in 1998, despite these stories of Smith's abuse of children having been acknowledged by David Steel twenty years earlier, Smith was nevertheless knighted on the Lib Dem leader's recommendation. http://tinyurl.com/ofdxb3x

    |   233
  • TopMinstrel  |  May 27 2014, 3:15PM

    I think we have to be very careful when we, in blanket fashion, use the word RACIST. RASCISM can be described as a deliberate attempt of isolating one group from another in order to subject that group to massive injustices. It is a banner taken up by all ethnic groups, whatever their colour or religeon, in order to gain an advantage over other people. we are very fortunate in this country to have a very wide and diverse culture. Wave the word RASICM and you damage the culture of this country.

    |   93
  • Baby_boomer  |  May 27 2014, 11:58AM

    Mr Walsh, You really don't get it do you? I explicitly said that I did NOT regard any named individual as racist. What I did say AND stand by, is that vile comments from the likes of Towler (thankfully not elected), Godfrey Bloom and several other Ukippers is that millions of people DO find their comments both offensive and, in some circumstances, racist. Perhaps the most appropriate way to describe UKIP might be the comments of Alan Sked (the party's founder) who in one national newspaper today is reported as alleging that Farage is "a dim-witted political failure", that "the party has become Frankenstein's monster", that UKIP MEP's "are good for taking public money" and that "if you elect a UKIP MEP, you're going to turn an incompetent charlatan into a millionaire". In the same article (http://tinyurl.com/osworxr), Sked also claims that Farage once said to him that "There's no need to worry about the n-word (quoted in full in the article), as the n*g-n*gs will never vote for us". If this quote is in fact a true record of the event, I and millions of other voters will consider this to show a racist tendency. Now if you want us to vote for you, the question is do YOU and the rest of your party consider these words to be racially offensive?

    |   -206
  • Hocus_Pocus  |  May 27 2014, 11:55AM

    It seems the word g a f f s is a rude word?

    |   -2
  • Hocus_Pocus  |  May 27 2014, 11:54AM

    The problem is, UKIP are very much in the spotlight, and every gaff is being picked up by the media, it just seems to be that plenty of racist and homophobic ga*** are coming from UKIP elected representatives who should know and act better, or most importantly keep their bigoted views to themselves and keep their mouth shut. Personally I would vote Plaid Cymru long before UKIP (and I am not Welsh)..... If there is only one good think that came from the elections is that the BNP lost all their 2 seats.

    |   -89
  • TopMinstrel  |  May 27 2014, 11:12AM

    Sorry about the spelling, I got a bit heated and missed some of the keys. IT is a shame that more people don't get on here and express their views. Interesting to note there are quite a few Lib/Dems who read the remarks ? Exeter or Plymouth Uni students I suspect.

  • Ian_Walsh  |  May 27 2014, 11:10AM

    You have said "not openly racist" I say again, I think you are saying that Torbay UKIP Members are racist and ARE "implying so". The Poster Girl, Yes she works for UKIP...But you are wrong! she does ACCTUALY come from Devon and her family home is still here. All adverts use actors or people who are used to make a sale or a point... nothing new there. Gawain Towler. He's trying to describe the woman to someone who has never met her before. What was he supposed to say - "She's easily recognisable, as she's British"??? And Gawain's wife is Australian/Indian. Again you say about Gawain ). In the eyes of some, such actions could well be interpreted as not just offensive, but racist and homophobic You mean in your eyes, otherwise you would not even mention it. I say again are you accusing any individual in ukip of being racist!!! I will not comment further....but may take 'advice' Ian Walsh Chairman Torbay UKIP.

    |   130
  • TopMinstrel  |  May 27 2014, 11:07AM

    These Comments are fairly interesting, BUT we should be looking at the bigger picture at the moment. THIS country is in Deep deep poop and something has to happen to get US out of it. I will be voting Conservative in the next election IF they get of their well padded backsides and stand up to others in the EU. I voted UKIP last week to help get a message across. THIS COUNTRY HAS HAD ENOUGH OF BEING PUSHED AROUND TO SUIT BRUSSELS. I just wish the British voters would stop voter with their hearts, '''oh she/he is such a nice person'''. It is your money they are playing with. Look hard at what happened across Europe last week, do not dismiss it, this quite revelution has been building for quite a few years. We need politicians in our government who are tough, who can stand up in the EU parliment and say NO and mean it. As far as the EU in concerned I am against it in it's current form, and on the subject of Exiting it think hard, because we are stuffed if we stay and stuffed if we leave, and those in Brussels will make sure of it. THIS country needs strong tough politicians who represent the entire country and can deliver what the country wants and not what Brussels dictates.

    |   -22
  • Baby_boomer  |  May 27 2014, 8:39AM

    Dear Ian Walsh, The explicit answer to your question is "No." I am not for one minute suggesting that you or any particular member of Torbay UKIP is openly racist - but then nor is the post implying so. As you know full well, however, when a political party puts up election posters riddled with blatant untruths (e.g. UKIP's poster girl "Lizzy Vaid of Devon" turned out to be an events manager for the party in London and a "personal assistant" to Farage), in the eyes of all normal or decent people that really is tantamount to deception. In a similar vein, people like Gawain Towler (UKIP SW England Candidate in this year's 2014 Euro Elections) rightly came under fire a short while back for his description of the respected newspaper journalist, Kiran Randhawa. In a text which he had inadvertently sent to one of her colleagues, Towler described Randhawa as being "..of some form of ethnic extraction..". Towler is no stranger to controversy and has also referred to Lady Warsi (onetime Tory Party chairman) as a "b*tch" on Twitter to his 1,700 followers and has also been photographed burning a picture of Brian Paddick (the Lib-Dem London Mayoral candidate). In the eyes of some, such actions could well be interpreted as not just offensive, but racist and homophobic. So much for the so-called "fruitcake test" which was intended by Nigel Farage to weed out "undesirables" in UKIP!

    |   -245
  • Ian_Walsh  |  May 26 2014, 7:55PM

    Baby Boomer I have had a complaint about your post from a member. Are you calling me or my Torbay UKIP members racist ? Ian Walsh Chairman Torbay UKIP.

    |   219