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Go-ahead for cycle route from harbourside to Goodrington

By Herald Express  |  Posted: September 28, 2012


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PLANS to extend the cycle route from Paignton harbour to Goodrington have moved a step closer.

The new route was first mooted in April last year but was put on the back burner because of funding and legal issues.

Now, Torbay Council's transport working party has unanimously agreed to press ahead with plans.

Details of the exact route will go to local groups for consultation.

Cllr Darren Cowell, committee member, said: "I support the extension of the network because this is a superb area for cyclists."

Phase one of the scheme includes a signed route from Paignton harbour, using Roundham Road and Cliff Road. It involves a widened and designated foot and cycleway across Roundham Head, along the coastal footway, with more lighting.

The route is intended to link to Roundham Gardens, via a signed route along Alta Vista Road and Braeside Road, to link Roundham Head and Goodrington North.

There will be a shared footpath/cyclepath through Youngs Park to Tanners Road.

Work could start early next year.

Phase two of the scheme includes a signed route in the Tanners Road/Quaywest area.

There will be a shared cycle/footpath to the landward side of the Goodrington south promenade.

Cyclists will have to dismount through the narrow section of south promenade, up to the railway bridge at Cliff Park Road.

There will be a signed route through Cliff Park Road up to the Waterside shops.

A shared foot/cycleway to the wide footway in front of Waterside shops will link to existing cycle facilities on Dartmouth Road.

Work could start next autumn.

Consultation is to take place with community partnerships, ward councillors, parks friends groups and beach hut users.

Cllr Nicole Amil, committee member said: "I know that members of the Friends of Youngs Park and the Goodrington Action Group are concerned.

"They are concerned about the conservation area and they want to be consulted and make sure their representations are taken on board."

Cllr Mike Morey told the committee: "Coming from the posh end of the Bay I pass by the Waterside shops almost every day.

"If you're talking about using the pavement then there must be clear designated paths. During the summer it gets packed with people. I don't want to see a tiddly little line."

Robert Excell, lead member for transport said that shared spaces are known to work.

He said: " I am not a great lover of shared spaces because I feel that pavements are there for pedestrians but the government says we can do it and it does work.

"There will be plenty of signage to ensure people know what they should and should not be doing. The key is to keep the speed down.

"We are becoming a cycling destination and we should encourage it."

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  • iseveryidused  |  December 10 2012, 1:05AM

    I've only just stumbled across this one. Why are we spending money on stupid schemes like this when we are making cutbacks in caring for the vulnerable and elderly? Cyclists already have an extensive network of routes, commonly referred to as roads. If people don't feel safe on the roads, I would suggest that maybe they aren't - and use an alternative method of transport. Lets face it, we are not talking about alternative methods of commuting to work, we are talking, cycling for pleasure, so where you ride is a matter of choice. I don't cycle a great deal, but the biggest issue I have is the poor state of the roads, especially near the gutter, as you need to avoid all the potholes, drains and even speed bumps. Clearly marking the road (when the road is sufficiently wide) with cycle lanes is an effective and good value way of improving road safety.

  • cherrie54  |  October 02 2012, 2:10AM

    Pr not pc definition of cyclist in dictionary a person who rides a cycle. Dictionary of moron on cycle no definition. Proper cyclist definition not in dictionary. I do not hate cyclists as it is a good way of getting around if fit enough to ride one. But cycles and pedestrians do not mix so see little point in this proposed cycle way, except for those who class themselves as proper cyclists. Who wants cycle only paths everywhere even if unsuitable. By the way being female with no huge ego I don't read the mail or watch the little boys fantasy programme top gear.

    |   -1
  • PRnotPC  |  October 01 2012, 8:28PM

    Cherie you obviously don't know what a CYCLIST is. Morons on bikes certainly ain't. Proper CYCLISTS would not waste their time on such paths. Learn your subject matter before uttering such gibberish. Nothing more than an anti bike rant. Stick to the Mail or Top Gear

  • cherrie54  |  October 01 2012, 6:24PM

    Pr not pc as I said the paths are not fit for both cyclists and pedestrians. Point 2 as I said and you admit the route is too steep for novices so only superfit or sporty would gain from these proposols. Point 3 yes it is a nice scenic route but no where did I say it would attract holiday makers Norman said that which was why I asked how he get to think that idiotic point of view. Take the point about motorists and cyclists not mixing very well either but at least the road is wider in most places than the paths. Ok across roundham could make a cyclelane by taking a bit of the green but so short a distance would it be worth it? Already seen cyclists being stupid enough to ride down steep footpath to goodrington beach nearly knocking walkers over.

    |   -1
  • DarylDante  |  October 01 2012, 1:36PM

    NO cyclists and pedestrians DO NOT MIX well, especially in close proximity. The fact of the matter is at least one in three people behind the wheel of a motorised vehicle on the road should not be. Harsher punishments should be given to those on the road who cause accidents from irresponsible driving. Also the former mayor's vision didn't include such things as resurfacing the road!!! If there were not so many idiots driving around then there would be less need for cycle lanes.

    |   5
  • PRnotPC  |  October 01 2012, 1:07PM

    Cherrie 54. The superfit sporty wouldn't be seen dead on one of these pavements. They are for the inexperienced, those scared of motorists and also families enjoying themselves. If you want to include morons on bikes as cyclists that is like calling a joyrider a motorist. Pavements aren't good for mixed use unless people watch where they are going and that includes everyone.

    |   4
  • PRnotPC  |  October 01 2012, 12:56PM

    Is this the "silly ideas departments finest hour" who in their right mind thinks a cycling holiday is a few hundred metres of SHARED PAVEMENT! It is too steep for novices to ride safely with others and any CYCLIST probably would avoid the carnage and go the ALREADY IN PLACE shorter route by road. They put a cycle contraflow on the seafront and then fill it with beach huts and deckchairs. I may be talking rot of course and they may be planning to remove residential parking from Alta Vista road? Just more white lines and signs nothing of any substance as usual.

    |   1
  • TrubblnStrife  |  October 01 2012, 11:32AM

    I'm afraid, having seen them in operation, I must agree that shared foot/cycle paths are disastrous. And I have to add that the fault for this is equal on both sides. As often as I've seen cyclists scare the wits out of pedestrians by zooming up behind them without ringing their bells, I've observed families ambling along obstructing the cycle lane with enormous buggies and dawdling toddlers, or clusters of elderly folk who seem to feel that it's an appropriate spot to stop for a leisurely chat. And I'm sure nobody intends to cause a problem for anyone else… it's just that CYCLISTS AND PEDESTRIANS DON'T MIX! Did I say that loudly enough?

    |   4
  • cherrie54  |  September 30 2012, 11:53PM

    Judging by the negative rating I take it there is now more cyclists than pedestrians living in the area. Or are pedestrians like motorists ignored or don't count when anything is muted. How norman will it benefit the tourist trade? Families with kids being run over by cyclists riding on the paths with little regards to pedestrians yes great way of bringing people in. Though in favour of cyclist route it is a nice scenic route. Just not on the footpath area please.

    |   -1
  • cherrie54  |  September 30 2012, 12:40PM

    So the superfit sporty are once again being pandered to. To the disadvantage of the residents and tourists alike who use thier legs to walk. This path in the main is narrow and steep can just see pedestrians being knocked over by these cyclists on the downward journey. By all means give a cycle only lane but not at the disadvantage of using the footpaths. Cycles being ridden on the path are worse than the electric mobility scooters. There has been too many near fatalities of pedestrians allready.

    |   -3