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COLIN LESLIE: A delicious portion of hammock and chips on menu

By Herald Express  |  Posted: February 21, 2014

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WELL I'm back and talking hammocks.

No, no, you're thinking of something else, I said hammocks.

Yep, that's what I'm talking about this week.

Now if I say hammocks it probably conjures up images of granny being involved in a £250 moment on 'You've Been Framed', swaying around on a garden hammock before being ceremonially dumped on the ground in a heap.

Now why am I talking about hammocks?

Well, on my recent jaunt to the Arctic I took up the challenge of sleeping in my newly-acquired camping hammock in extreme cold temperatures averaging -16°C.

Now hammocks in general have come a long way from what used to be available and now they are extremely affordable, lightweight and very very comfortable.

I hear you doubting Thomas's thinking 'comfort' and 'hammock' are two words which don't go hand-in-hand.

Well believe you me I hereby challenge you to try it out for yourself before you pass judgement, because in the Arctic I slept in one for five nights and was honestly uber comfortable.

However, one of the main problems you face is keeping the underside warm as the insulation in your sleeping bag and clothing are compressed against the underside material… well an insulated roll mat easily sorted that little problem out.

As a regular tent user, finding a nice level piece of ground is a constant, frustrating battle, but with a hammock, as long as you can find two trees or a couple of handy posts approximately 10 foot apart you're sorted, no matter how bumpy the ground and the big advantages?

Well, when you're not sleeping in it, its a seat to enjoy a meal and a cuppa while enjoying any surrounding views which are far more accessible than a tent.

Once practised, set up takes less than five minutes.

So as hammocks have massively grown in popularity in recent years for all types of camping, backpacking and touring in general, I strongly urge you to try this method of sleep system for yourself.

They really are fantastic, comfy, stable and no you don't sleep like a banana… you're almost horizontal.

Go on. Have a go and let me know what you think.

Now from hammocks to chips. That's what we call in the business a natural 'segway' ...not. But nonetheless I'm talking chips now because its National Chip week.

This week we've teamed up with David's fish and chips in Brixham on the Drivetime Show, giving two listeners a chance to win delicious fish and chips.

So tune in for the final day of "Spud or Dud" tomorrow and those gorgeous chippies could be won by you.

Finally, we're now almost at the end of half term so you'll have to be quick for your chance to win a family ticket to visit the Wookey Hole attraction.

Simply visit our all new palm.fm website and register to win today.

That's it for this week… Toodle-oo!

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