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“I see that Gordon Oliver wants to build a new harbour to encourage cruise ships. Great then the visitors can ride around on our roads over potholes , cracks and rotten surfaces the same as we have to.
Perhaps Mr oliver could spend a fraction of the proposed cost to first repair our disgraceful roads to allow residents to drive their vehicles without the risk of severe damage to the suspensions, or maybe as in some other of his schemes we the residents and our views are irrelevent.”

By willoal Posted: June 14, 2012


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  • TheFibber  |  June 16 2012, 1:45AM

    A third harbour is a great idea to try and get some wealth back into Torquay. However we will probably just end up with another hostel or rehab centre and bring in the kind of people who contribute nothing to Torbay.

  • goldenoldy  |  June 16 2012, 10:34AM

    Anything that can regenerate the bay has to be looked at in a POSITIVE way, sitting at a p.c. waiting to stamp on every suggestion seems to be the norm sadly. Budgets are not infinite and due to the ever increasing burden of housing benefit councils have to shell out to support massive rental costs( remember council houses ? ) as the buy-to-let profiteers march on plundering our pockets and robbing the community of the funds to do vital works. The system needs a major overhaul and quick.

  • devonmalc  |  July 01 2012, 11:04PM

    Imagine the cruise ships stuck on the sandbars.The last road resurfaced was at Torre to Shipey Lane and they actually used tar and stones,that will last a long time.It was a nightmare on a motorcycle for at least two weeks.Perhaps they can use that asphalt wash they use on paths for the next one,probably last at least six months.

  • realityzone  |  July 03 2012, 8:50AM

    Its not Gordon Oliver, or the Council's fault that modern public financing is based on the notion of snatching loads of money off taxpayers and then condescending to hand it back as grants for capital project, with conditions. That what the EU is all about. Oliver wants to get our fair share of these grants and good luck to him. But this style of public financing contributes nothing for day to day maintenance which is not eligible for grants, so we end up with loads of potholes in the road et al.

  • devonmalc  |  November 15 2012, 3:16PM

    What Wally put a cycle lane down the middle,yes middle,of Torquay highstreet.Because of cars parked on the right the bus was in it all the way.Looks like squashed cyclists roadkill this coming summer.0 out of 10 Torbay council.


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