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“Rather miffed that my replacement oldie bus pass failed to scan on every occasion I have used it since I received it a month ago, both here and around the country, I approached Stagecoach only to be told "Yes we and the council know all about the problem as it's quite widespread and to do with the cards coming from a new supplier. We are working on it."

I suppose it may be less than fair to describe both the purchasing authority (Torbay) or the suppliers of the duff cards as incompetent but I can't think of a better word.

While I appreciate my card, paid for out of my general taxes and subsidised by the dreadful parking meters, I object to being asked repeatedly by fed-up drivers to rescan the card to no effect and to the inconvenience of fare-paying passengers behind me in the queue.

Seems to me that no-one in the council's IT department had the initiative to test the robustness or quality of the new supplier's product. No doubt, as ever, the costs of putting the matter right will fall upon the council tax payer.

I have seen no apology for this admitted problem from either the council or Stagecoach.”

By themightyflea Posted: February 18, 2013


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  • CrazyCosmic  |  February 18 2013, 4:48PM

    What, no customer service from the council or stagecoach, I don't believe it

  • nicold  |  February 18 2013, 5:47PM

    Yes happens to me as well. If it's anything like the renovation of Fleet Walk, we may not be able to scan properly until the autumn!

  • paigntondi  |  February 18 2013, 7:58PM

    The replacement pass is not valid until until April 1st. Try using your old one until the end of March.

  • CrazyCosmic  |  February 18 2013, 8:27PM

    Ha ha ha, old people, you can lead them to the bus stop.....

  • Azriel22  |  February 20 2013, 7:33PM

    ....... @paigntondi Clearly you have information the rest of us are denied - or have you? Nothing on my pass or the accompanying letter says anything about a valid-from date.

  • paigntondi  |  February 20 2013, 8:10PM

    I applied a bit of common sense. The existing pass is valid until 31st March so I made the assumption that no council would issue a pass for the unused portion of an existing pass. Quite frankly, I can't see why anyone would want to use anything but their existing pass up to 31st March, then begin using their new pass from 1st April. Only the stupidest of pensioners could consider any other course of action. Incidentally, I'm having no problem using my current pass as, I suspect are the majority of other 'oldies'.

  • Azriel22  |  February 21 2013, 12:00PM

    @paigntondi While not being over-enthusiastic about being called stupid it occurs to me that you are being somewhat holier-than-thou. All bank/credit cards/passes are available for use from day of receipt unless otherwise stated. Given that the new bus cards, nor their accompanying letter mentioned anything about waiting until the existing card expired there seemed no reason not to destroy the old card. You, being a self-confessed un-stupid pensioner and wishing to get every last day out of your piece of plastic, continue to use you old card and consequently have not suffered the problem. As a possible example of how widespread the faulty cards are I witnessed a driver yesterday taking all passengers cards and scanning them carefully himself. It is probably nothing to do with the date of issue/expiry but more likely faulty chip quality.


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