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What does the English Riviera offer us?

By Herald Express  |  Posted: December 13, 2012

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TORBAY is seen as a perfect place for your summer holidays. It's the perfect place for tourists, in the sunny summer. However, to the youth living in Torbay what does the English Riviera offer them?

Some of the free facilities available to the youth in Torbay include those at Parkfield. Parkfield is a great place for teenagers who are interested in doing free skating and freestyle BMX-ing.

However, not every teenager is interested in sports. Is there anywhere is Torbay for teenagers to do activities who are not interested in sports? Should the council be trying to get the youth of Torbay to do good in the community, or getting us to do activities to help with our future careers?

We asked a variety of adults and children if they think Torbay accommodates the needs of the youth in Torbay. Some of the responses included phrases such as "There aren't enough things for the youth in Torbay" and "There are youth clubs but lot of the activities available are overpriced".

Some of the issues for youth activities available are indeed the price — many teenagers struggle financially to pay for these. Also what activities are available? Many are based on sport.

Youth clubs are a great place that offers a place for teenagers to be with friends, and to do sport based activities. However, shouldn't we encourage the youth in Torbay to explore and try different things apart from sport activities?

Another question we asked residents was whether they felt Torbay had developed to accommodate the needs of the modern society? Some of the opinions included comments such as "It's a deprived area", "We are an area of an ageing population, this is why a lot of resources are targeted towards the elderly rather than the youth".

Most of the younger generation of people we asked thought Torbay hadn't developed enough to accommodate the needs of a modern society. Torbay accommodates the needs of the older generation very well by providing places to socialise, with hot meals and entertainment and subsidised or free transport.

With a low number of jobs available for the youth in Torbay, they have a very low income — unless of course we speak nicely to our parents!

With bus fares rising as we are no longer classed as 'a child', travel is becoming more and more costly. From the age of 16 you pay a full adult price on a bus, but by 'law' we're classed as children still ... how is this right? With people looking different ages in this period of their lives, some 14/ 15 years old are refused a child's price and have to pay a full fare ... surely this isn't acceptable?

Torbay Council offers minor financial support for travel, leaving it all to the parents who may also have a low income.

As a Bay, our youths would surely agree that the council need to support funding further, and a collaboration with Stagecoach could offer cheaper travel within the local area.

As a Bay, we are often hearing reports of further cuts to the youth budgets, making losses of youth workers and to youths groups. The consequences of this is that the trend of deprivation is not being reversed, nor is it encouraging us to aspire to having homes and work in the area that we grew up in.

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