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JOHN BONNEY: How to generate quality traffic

By Herald Express  |  Posted: March 27, 2014

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OVER these past weeks, the aim of these posts has been to help small businesses become exceptional online, with a series of weekly instalments regarding your digital marketing campaign — covering everything from social media to website performance, this column will help you reach online success.

One thing many small businesses struggle with in the digital world, is driving the right kind of traffic to your website. An effective way of driving interested consumers right to your site is content, and in this sense, content doesn't just mean the text on your site.

It means what you have to offer for visitors, whether that be free how-to guides, blog pieces or even video content. If you're stuck for new content ideas to add your site, think about what sort of things your customers want to know, and what they want to read about.

Do you regularly get asked a particular question by new customers? Set up an FAQ guide and add to it each time you get asked a question you think could benefit your other customers.

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Regularly update your content, as ever since the Hummingbird update, Google ranks freshly-updated and relevant content highly – this is where the saying "content is king" comes into play.

With all content remember, quality over quantity. Create something worth sharing; if you are passionate about your industry and have a gripping way of delivering that passion, then people will take notice — you will be creating something instantly shareable which will get people talking.

Once you've created your content, it needs to be shared, and the best way to get your creations out there is social media. If you haven't got a wide social media reach, then try running a competition, and offering a prize which relates to your industry. This attracts interested consumers to your social channels.

If you aren't already, you should try creating company-branded and industry-relevant infographics. There are many free services online which make creating them, even without any prior design knowledge, extremely easy. Once you've found your footing and put something together, then visual.ly is a great place to share those with other like-minded individuals.

If you've followed these column articles closely, then by now you should have Google Analytics installed on your site – if not, it's a highly-recommended application, which gives you some deeper statistics of your site.

For those with Analytics installed, are you tracking your bounce rate? Bounce rate shows the amount of people who click your site, don't spend any time browsing, and then leave your site. If it's high, it means that the traffic being driven to your site, isn't high quality. A low bounce rate means that the traffic being driven to your site is relevant, with interested consumers. As you continue to implement new changes and tweak your existing campaign, your bounce rate will drop, and when this happens, you've got quality and relevant traffic.

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