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  • Article Image

    Tour de Corsa!

    ALTHOUGH the third generation car we examine here was a massive improvement over its predecessor, it pays not to denigrate that car's achievements. In 2005, the...

  • Article Image

    The Beetle's revival!

    TO be quite frank, we don't have much to thank Adolf Hitler for, but the KdF-Wagen (kraft durch freude - strength through joy) that was launched in 1941...

  • Article Image

    Better looking and more appealing

    THE ninth generation Honda Civic is certainly one of the more interesting shapes in the Focus-sized family hatchback sector - in contrast to some of the...

  • Article Image

    Sixth sense

    EVEN car manufacturers as big as Volkswagen rarely get things right first time.Developing a successful car is, in certain respects, a little like spinning...

  • Article Image

    An Italian legend

    IF you're shopping for this car in the secondhand market, it's best to ignore the early 2009 models and go for a version produced from 2010 onwards, that being...

  • Article Image

    This one's going to be very big...

    FORGET all the niche models that the MINI brand has launched: this five-door Hatch is serious business. With a longer wheelbase, class competitive luggage...

  • Article Image

    It's better by the litre

    FORD'S Fiesta has proven a hit with those wanting a classy-looking car with low running costs. The 80PS 1.0-litre Zetec model is a very smart pick. No, it's...

  • Article Image

    Back on track

    WITH this improved 508 SW estate, all you need to arrive at a positive conclusion are the keys. Well built, with a range of solid engines, it also drives well...

  • Article Image

    Is this the very best SEAT in the house?

    THE Ibiza supermini we first saw in 2007 was a massively important car for SEAT. Parent company Volkswagen was pushing for a massive increase in the Spanish...

  • Article Image

    No 'Barbie' truck

    THE Kia Sorento was launched in 2003 and probably outstripped even Kia's most optimistic sales projections.It was heavily revised in the autumn of 2006. New...

  • Article Image

    Transport and space solutions

    PAIGNTON'S Torbay Scooters and Bikes is now selling both the Sky Team Space Rack (above) and the Space Buddy (left).With an RRP of £699 the Sky Team Space...

  • Article Image

    Bike storage and a new in-store cafe

    KINGSTEIGNTON'S Motor Cycle Warehouse has expanded rapidly since opening its doors with half a dozen bikes for sale in June, last year.There are more than ten...

  • Article Image

    Waltz away on Vienna

    TORBAY Scooters and Bikes began life in March, 2013, and has grown rapidly since then by offering customers a one-to-one personal approach to their...

  • Article Image

    Much more than simply a facelift

    THE Ford Focus didn't feel as if it needed to much remedial work done, but the latest updates give it a better-looking face, a more user-friendly interior, more...