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  • Article Image

    Warming to the theme

    IN the panoply of warm hatches, this one's a bit special.There are two variants of the 308 GT to consider. Should you prefer a car that drinks from the black...

  • Article Image

    Time for your car's seasonal makeover

    THE Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is warning motorists about winter weather as part of its national campaign, #wheelsinwinter.As more bad weather is...

  • Article Image

    Some family credit

    THE concept behind eco-special models like the Altea E Ecomotive will be getting mind-numbingly familiar to car industry observers by now.Virtually all the...

  • Article Image

    No more 'if onlys'

    The Honda Civic family hatchback in eighth generation form sold between 2006 and 2011. It was frustratingly close to greatness.It was best in class in so many...

  • Article Image

    Awards 'double' for South Devon College

    THERE have been celebrations at South Devon College again this year after winning two prestigious awards.Prince Michael of Kent made the presentations at the...

  • Article Image

    Quality ST anyone?

    IT took Ford quite a long time to hit the sweet spot with its Focus ST line. The first stab, the ST170, handled brilliantly but was hobbled by an engine that...

  • Roadworks may delay motorists

    Planned roadworks in Devon and Cornwall for the coming week may delay motorists, warns the Highways Agency. The new and ongoing road improvements from...

  • Article Image

    But of Corsa

    SIT in a 2007 Corsa and it feels quite as solid as any Volkswagen Polo of the era. By 2011, however, the game had changed.The 2011 car benefited from sharper...

  • Article Image

    Car care myths busted!

    WHEN we attend car shows and host car club meets, we often get people asking us questions about the best methods for cleaning their vehicles and we hear their...

  • Article Image

    Tomas scooters in Torbay

    TORBAY Scooters has grown over the last two years and decided it needed another manufacturer to complement its excellent range of scooters and bikes.It applied...

  • Article Image

    Change of scenery

    RENAULT'S Scenic range has now split into three distinct lines; Scenic five seater, rugged Scenic XMOD five seater and the Grand Scenic seven-seat model. The...

  • The van that Kang!

    THE improved Phase II version of Renault's Kangoo Van comes in two distinct bodyshape sizes in a bid to cover the main bases in the compact van market. There's...

  • Article Image

    Ford S-MAX gets top rating from owners

    MPV owners of virtually every model on UK roads submitted their car reviews for the National Car Awards - and the Ford S-MAX (pictured right) came first.The...