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  • Smart choice?

    Manufactured under the auspices of Mercedes-Benz and winner of numerous design awards, the Smart is also surprisingly good fun to drive.Anybody who writes it...

  • Small change

    You could see what Nissan was trying to do with the original version of the MK4 Micra. Cash-strapped buyers were looking for cheaper alternatives, so When the...

  • The wonderful thing about Tiguans

    In the early years of the 21st century, Volkswagen had little pedigree in this area of the market but figured that a compact 4x4 with the basic qualities of its...

  • So, pack light!

    As a used proposition the Toyota MR2 - in it's back to basics third generation design - makes a good deal of sense History THE Toyota MR2 is a salutary...

  • Griffin greatness

    It's easy to forget quite what a massive step forward the original Vauxhall Insignia was, taking over from the little-lamented Vectra in 2008. This next...

  • The road runner...

    THE Ford Kuga puts up very little pretence of off-road ability. The manufacturer has taken the refreshing approach of creating a 4x4 that's designed to travel...

  • Pick of the bunch

    THE Peugeot 108 is a small car with a big weight of expectation resting upon it. You probably remember its predecessor, the 107. That car dates right back to...

  • Article Image

    Better than ever

    AS this car has developed, it's become progressively bigger and heavier. We still get into this Ford and expect it to be brilliant, but if you put someone who'd...

  • Article Image

    Chrome on the Range

    PICK-UPS have come a long way in the last few years.Until the turn of the century, they were basic, utilitarian things but by 2005, the standard had risen so...

  • Article Image

    Show your roofless streak

    MERCEDES launched the second generation SLK with two models. The value pick was the supercharged SLK200K which made a very assured entry-level proposition,...

  • Article Image

    Snap up a bargain

    THE raison d'etre for the SEAT Toledo is not instantly apparent. Whereas its predecessor was the saloon version of the popular Leon and cornered a small niche...

  • Article Image

    Unfairly Kol shouldered...

    THE Koleos arrived running on the same platform as Nissan's latest X-Trail, something of a coup for Renault with the X-Trail having consistently been one of the...

  • Article Image

    Monster power

    MONSTER power SUVs aren't for everyone, but they make up such a tiny slice of the nation's vehicles that getting hot under the collar about them is a bit...

  • Article Image

    Forever the Five of Hearts

    THE second generation Fiat Panda was widely regarded as a first rate citycar but it wasn't particularly cool and was barely registering on the style radars of...

  • Article Image

    Warming to the theme

    IN the panoply of warm hatches, this one's a bit special.There are two variants of the 308 GT to consider. Should you prefer a car that drinks from the black...

  • Article Image

    Time for your car's seasonal makeover

    THE Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is warning motorists about winter weather as part of its national campaign, #wheelsinwinter.As more bad weather is...