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  • Article Image

    A model that broke the mould

    THE previous generation Colt had been on sale from 1996 through to 2004 and seemed to have established a durable template for boring but reliable hatches that...

  • Grand Slam winner

    THE Grand Slam version of Vauxhall's ADAM citycar offers British buyers something different to the boutique charms of its rivals. It's very possible that the...

  • Honda's cool hybrid

    THE CR-Z arrived in UK dealers in June 2010 to a muted reception. Even with its low emissions and excellent fuel economy, the CR-Z wasn't immune to the effects...

  • Article Image

    Coming of age

    IT'S easy to overlook quite how long Toyota's Yaris has been with us. The first generation car appeared in 1999, replacing the wholly underwhelming Starlet...

  • Article Image

    It's vorsprung durch topless

    TWO versions were available from launch, both powered by a 1.8-litre turbocharged engine of either 180 or 225bhp power outputs, the latter being distinguishable...

  • Buses will star at Torbay Motor Show

    THE inaugural Torbay Motor Show has a full 'forecourt' and will bring two running classic buses to the resort's roads.Torquay rally driver Chris Wheeler,...

  • Article Image

    More than the bear necessities

    CHOICE wasn't a Panda watchword when it arrived in the UK with only 1.1 and 1.2-litre petrol powerplants on offer.Sales proved strong despite the lack of a...

  • Article Image

    The classiest of drop-tops

    BMW likes to give us freedom in our choices.Yes, you can have excellent fuel economy, low emissions, strong residuals and manageable servicing costs, but why...

  • Article Image

    Get a warm feeling

    WARMING TO THE THEMETHERE are two variants of the 308 GT to consider. The 2.0-litre diesel model packs 180PS at 3,750rpm and offers maximum torque of 400Nm at...

  • Article Image

    Get your Jukes up

    NISSAN has tweaked the 200PS engine that's fitted to the Juke 1.6-litre DIG-T and in this guise, it's now good for a pugnacious 215PS.Torque in the front-wheel...

  • Article Image

    Small wonder

    THE introduction of the Kuga, in 2008, was something fresh and smart from Ford. But in order to sustain these sales, the Kuga needed to be kept relevant.By...

  • Article Image

    Relax with a Mokka

    UNDER the bonnet, there are three main engine options, the most affordable, as ever, being the least desirable of the trio, the 2WD-only 115PS petrol 1.6-litre...

  • Article Image

    A 'good moment' may have arrived

    SPEND enough time watching Eurosport and you'll soon become very familiar with translated post-match interview excuses and, just recently at least, they all...