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  • Using air con, now

    IT MAY seem strange to talk about air conditioning in the winter, but did you know using your vehicle's air conditioning system - in colder conditions - will...

  • Get set for winter

    NOW the winter months are with us, we can expect ice, snow and frost. With the UK also experiencing a substantial increase in rainfall levels, this can expose...

  • Article Image

    Everyday excellence

    HONDA really concentrated on improving the utility of the fourth generation CR-V. Even in the four-wheel drive models, the floor is completely flat. Headroom...

  • Article Image

    A beast unleashed

    BACK in 2008 MINI released its first Clubman. An homage to the original complete with 'suicide door', it looked like an oblong box with a bonnet stuck on the...

  • Article Image

    Fiesta time is here

    CERTAIN realities exist in the supermini market. The additional cost of diesel engines rarely makes them big sellers, so this is where the state of the art in...

  • Article Image

    Plenty of room for luggage

    RATHER unsurprisingly given its Volkswagen Group parentage, this Octavia runs on the MK5 Golf chassis, opting for a more comfort-oriented bias in keeping with...

  • Article Image

    Cleaning up

    IF you're of a generation who remembers the badge on the back of a 3 Series denoting its engine size, you might be a bit confused by the latest line-up. The...

  • Article Image

    Smax of efficiency!

    ON the road, this car is as good to drive as ever. The range hinges around a family of 2.0-litre turbodiesel engines, offered in 120PS, 150PS and 180PS guises....

  • Article Image

    Korean cleverness

    UNDER the bonnet, the key news here is the introduction of Kia's latest 1.0-litre T-GDI turbo petrol direct injection engine, offered in 98bhp and 118bhp...

  • Article Image

    Loads to C here

    THE C-Class design may not be particularly challenging but it is classically good-looking, the elegance you usually associate with larger Mercs very much in...

  • Article Image

    Life Partner

    YOU might expect a couple of petrol engines and a diesel to be offered, but the Partner Tepee weighs in with no fewer than five Euro6-compliant engines. Peugeot...

  • Article Image

    Named 'ultimate stunt car' by ex-Stig

    THE all-new Ford Mustang has been named the ultimate stunt car by Ben Collins – top Hollywood stunt driver, racing driver and former 'Stig' on the BBC's...

  • Article Image

    A solid choice

    THE Roadster Coupe's powered folding roof retracts in three sections with no impact on boot space and adds just 37kg to the weight of an equivalent soft top...

  • Article Image

    Designers knew best...

    THIS car's cabin reprises the old model's look and feel, with the chrome-ringed speedo and rev counter housed in their own cowl and the round air vents, but...

  • Article Image

    Ready for the track

    PUTTING a turbocharged 3.0-litre six cylinder engine into a small rear wheel drive coupe will always grab a driver's attention.The engine is basically the same...

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