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  • Article Image

    Back on track

    WITH this improved 508 SW estate, all you need to arrive at a positive conclusion are the keys. Well built, with a range of solid engines, it also drives well...

  • Article Image

    Is this the very best SEAT in the house?

    THE Ibiza supermini we first saw in 2007 was a massively important car for SEAT. Parent company Volkswagen was pushing for a massive increase in the Spanish...

  • Article Image

    No 'Barbie' truck

    THE Kia Sorento was launched in 2003 and probably outstripped even Kia's most optimistic sales projections.It was heavily revised in the autumn of 2006. New...

  • Article Image

    Transport and space solutions

    PAIGNTON'S Torbay Scooters and Bikes is now selling both the Sky Team Space Rack (above) and the Space Buddy (left).With an RRP of £699 the Sky Team Space...

  • Article Image

    Bike storage and a new in-store cafe

    KINGSTEIGNTON'S Motor Cycle Warehouse has expanded rapidly since opening its doors with half a dozen bikes for sale in June, last year.There are more than ten...

  • Article Image

    Waltz away on Vienna

    TORBAY Scooters and Bikes began life in March, 2013, and has grown rapidly since then by offering customers a one-to-one personal approach to their...

  • Article Image

    Much more than simply a facelift

    THE Ford Focus didn't feel as if it needed to much remedial work done, but the latest updates give it a better-looking face, a more user-friendly interior, more...

  • Article Image

    It makes a load of sense...

    THERE'S never been much wrong with the practical, workaday aspects of Toyota's Mondeo-rivalling Avensis, but neither has there been much that could be mistaken...

  • Article Image

    A real head turner

    GOLF coupes were by no means a new idea when this Scirocco was launched in 2008. The first car to carry the Scirocco name (derived from Sirocco, the Italian for...

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  • Article Image

    Would you ADAM & Eve it?

    THE Vauxhall ADAM Rocks Air is a car that doesn't take itself too seriously and is the perfect antidote to the usual superminis.With jacked-up body styling and...

  • Article Image

    Great view

    BASED on the chassis of the sixth generation Fiesta, the Ford Fusion landed on these shores in August 2002. Ford's advertising trumped the benefits of that...

  • Article Image

    All you need

    BAYSIDE MARINE was established in 1997 to supply commercial fishing gear to the local fleet of trawlers.More recently the main area of the premises in Higher...

  • Article Image

    Hot-Stepping it in to the limelight

    THE Dacia Sandero Stepway is inexpensive but doesn't look it. It's a supermini that's been jacked up a bit to give a crossover look and seems to press all the...