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  • Article Image

    Strike three

    KIA doesn't really adhere to the normal conventions of car manufacture. The South Korean company wants to get places fast, so its product planning is accelerate...

  • Article Image

    Note perfect...

    WE'RE starting the clock on this used test in 2009, fully three years after the Note was first launched in the UK because the model we're looking at here is the...

  • Article Image

    'Goo compare...they're all good

    THE second generation Kangoo arrived back in 2008, but for the purposes of this review, we're looking at the later examples built between 2010 and 2013.During...

  • Article Image

    A top design...

    THE third generation Mazda MX-5 model debuted in September 2005 and although it was a little bigger and heavier than previous generations, the styling...

  • Article Image

    A better experience at TQ1

    "AFTER having spent many years in the motor industry we wanted to create a better experience for our customers, as we appreciate garages and dealerships...

  • Article Image

    One million up for Kia cee'd

    THE 1,000,000th Kia cee'd was manufactured by Kia Motors in Europe recently, a major milestone since starting production in 2006. The cee'd has played a...

  • Article Image

    A useful little 4x4 performer

    THE Terios used to be an absolutely dinky thing, the kind of miniature 4x4 that looks like it should come with pedals rather than a petrol engine.The model...

  • Article Image

    Keeping the body beautiful

    NOT all bodyshops are the same. Anyone can patch your car up with a hammer and a touch of filler but in the long run, there's little doubt that going this route...

  • Article Image

    Small but perfectly formed...

    THERE'S no point in economical motoring that leaves you needing another, bigger car all the time when you've larger numbers of people or packages to carry....

  • Article Image

    Here's one with street Ka-red...

    THE original Ford Ka may well be regarded as something of a design classic in years to come but it's important to remember that it had been on sale for twelve...

  • Article Image

    Mustang previewed in Devon

    ICONIC, powerful and dynamic with an unmistakable presence. The new Ford Mustang is performance and refinement personified. And it's finally coming to...

  • Article Image

    The Volvo specialists

    WHEN you have your car serviced at a Volvo dealership, you'll get the Volvo Service Promise - and it guarantees an unbeatable combination of quality,...

  • Article Image

    Don't neglect your air conditioning

    ONCE a pricey optional extra, air conditioning is now virtually a standard feature on most new vehicles.As we all know, air conditioning, with its controlled,...