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  • Article Image

    Keeping it real

    FORD'S Fiesta ST has long been the thinking person's fast hatchback. This latest one is no exception. With 182PS on tap, it keeps things real and the pricing...

  • Article Image

    Chic on the cheap

    VAUXHALL'S Astra GTC has sold well on the strength of its clean and elegant styling, but now that the refined 1.6-litre CDTi diesel engine has replaced the old...

  • Article Image

    Be prepared for your MoT

    WHEN you hear of someone needing to spend hundreds of pounds to get their car through its MoT test, it's easy to overlook that MoTs exist for your protection,...

  • Article Image

    It's got that X-Factor...

    WITH space for up to seven, a sleeker look, a higher quality interior and some seriously smart technology under the skin, the latest Nissan X-Trail has matured...

  • Article Image

    Heavyweight champion from France

    PEUGEOT'S Boxer looks better, is built stronger, carries more and does so while consuming less fuel than its predecessor. In a cut-throat market, Peugeot has...

  • Article Image

    Hard to ignore

    THE market's fastest growing segment right now is that for Qashqai-like Crossovers and compact soft-roading SUVs.If you want something that offers the best of...

  • Article Image

    Devon and its 'dirty' drivers!

    CAR owners in Devon are depreciating the value of their cars by failing to keep them in good condition a poll has revealed.The study, published by professional...

  • Article Image

    Affordable option

    IF the dates at the top of this review don't quite tally up with your recall, don't worry, you're not getting a bit forgetful. The first generation SX4 was...

  • Article Image

    Fiat have 500 ways to make you smile

    THE second generation Fiat Panda was widely regarded as a first rate citycar but it wasn't particularly cool and was barely registering on the style radars of...

  • Article Image

    Sign up for Vauxhall

    THE final Vauxhall Vectra wasn't a bad car but by 2008 it had become a byword for all that was staid and formulaic about traditional medium range family...

  • Article Image

    A price buster... that's the Duster

    A NEW car for the price of a secondhand one is always a tempting prospect and when it's as smartly styled and capable as Dacia's Duster, the concept becomes...

  • Article Image

    Hyundai's i has it

    THERE are occasions when building a class-leading car involves pioneering new technologies, catching the eye with bold styling and combining ideas in a way...