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  • Question for candidate

    WITH the 2015 General Election soon to be upon us, it is only fair that electors in Torbay and elsewhere know precisely where any prospective candidate stands...

  • System does not work in Torbay

    THE ridiculous way Torbay Conservatives continue to change leaders, plot to unseat each other from within and then deselect their own elected mayoral candidates...

  • We need to rescue carriages

    We need to rescue carriages IT IS very sad to see that another of Torbay's prime holiday attractions is passing into the annals of history. For 60 years, the...

  • Article Image

    Like it or not, UKIP is now mainstream

    RE the letter by Michael Thompson (HE, October 16) 'Who is disturbed by the rise of UKIP' and the 'support it gets'. I am sorry that the 'rise' of UKIP...

  • Still justice in the world!

    IN ADRIAN Sanders' parliamentary round-up (HE, October 9), he criticises Labour's response to Britain's deficit which has be increased on the Tories and Liberal...