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    Uncommon blend of abilities

    THE Urban Cruiser doesn't immediately say '4x4' when you clap eyes on it. The impression is more one of a pumped-up hatchback. At 3,930mm in length and 1,725mm...

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    A clear display of sixth sense

    CONSERVATIVE but classy has long been the Golf mantra and the Mk6 model diligently tows that line with the wide grille first seen on the Scirocco coupe which...

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    Urban warrior

    FORD managed to hit just the right note between sporting aggression and nuggety cuteness with the styling of the Kuga. It has a sleeker shape than the majority...

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    An easy choice

    THE version we're looking at here, was launched at the end of 2009, featuring revised styling, eco-tweaks and a fresh 1.6-litre diesel engine.Inside, the...

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    It just gets better

    PEUGEOT'S 108 demonstrates just how far citycars have come in recent years. In fact, this one's more sophisticated and efficient than you might ever have...