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    Keeping it real

    FORD'S Fiesta ST has long been the thinking person's fast hatchback. This latest one is no exception. With 182PS on tap, it keeps things real and the pricing...

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    Affordable option

    IF the dates at the top of this review don't quite tally up with your recall, don't worry, you're not getting a bit forgetful. The first generation SX4 was...

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    Sea view from higher Erith

    IF you are looking for a home to rent rather than buy in Torquay, this well-presented three-bedroom first-floor flat with its own entrance is situated a short...

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    Hard to ignore

    THE market's fastest growing segment right now is that for Qashqai-like Crossovers and compact soft-roading SUVs.If you want something that offers the best of...

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    Green Star Man's national donor drive

    HAVING successfully raised awareness of organ donation in Torbay with the Bright Green Stars which appeared around the Bay, the Bright Green Star Man is now...