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In the wake of Torquay DJ David Lowe being forced to resign after playing the song The Sun Has Got His Hat On, which contains the N-word, do you think it was right or wrong for him to be asked to stand down

Who will win the 2014 RBS Six Nations title?

Which out of the following managers would you prefer to get the manager's job at Plainmoor...

The Paignton Milk Bottle has been turned into a bottle of Coca Cola. Do you like the changes?

Who do you think will be crowned the 2013 BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

Newton Abbot taxi driver Denise Said has been ordered to remove her St George's Flag "Local Driver" stickers. Right or wrong

Who will be Torquay United's top goalscorer this season

Should Torquay's Pavilion be rebuilt and placed on an island in the harbour

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After a shaky start to the season, does Torquay United manager Alan Knill still have your backing?

After the tragedy of Izzy Dix and other cases nationwide, should the Ask.fm website be shut down?

Do you support the teachers in their current industrial action?

Which supermarket would you like to see opening in Torquay Town Centre?

They've painted over the Banksy mural on the wall of Torquay's Grosvenor Hotel, but was it worth keeping?

What do you think the Prince of Cambridge will be called?

The search is on for the best-ever Torquay United manager. Take your pick from David Thomas' shortlist

Fire cuts: Did the fire authority come to the right decision?

Should artist Mike Nance be allowed to place his Mermaid sculpture at the Point, Teignmouth?

A pub in Newton Abbot has started advertising that people can book their Christmas parties already. Too soon?

Was the Miss England competition a good thing for Torbay?

Should registrars be able to opt out of conducting gay marriages?

Torbay trade union members are pressing for a referendum on the future of the Bay's mayoral post. Should there be a vote on the position?

New palm trees have been planted along Torquay's Riviera Way at a cost of £5,000. Good idea?

Was it right to close the tennis courts in Paignton?

Torbay Council is to borrow £780,000 to enable the new Paignton velodrome to go ahead. Good idea?

Tesco want to build a superstore at Edginswell. Do we need another Tesco supermarket?