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Torbay among the least prosperous places in the UK, new study reveals

By HEPaulGreaves  |  Posted: October 13, 2016


Strand Torquay

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TORBAY is the least prosperous community in the South West of the UK — a hard-hitting report on the state of the nation's wealth reveals today.

The UK Prosperity Index is the first of its kind and places Torbay among the poorest in the country.

According to the study Torbay is placed 312 out of 385 in the study — one above Belfast and one below East Lothian.

The study measures prosperity of all regions in the UK using seven categories.

They are prosperity through seven pillars—Economic Quality; Business Environment; Education; Health; Safety & Security, Social Capital; and Natural Environment.

Overall the report, from Legatum Institute, finds that UK cities are failing to turn their economic growth into better lives for people.

In the case of Torbay the local authority area scores poorly across the board.

In particular it comes in at number 383 in the Natural Environment category.

Rather than being a subjective assessment of the land and surroundings this category is measured by analysing four factors. These are waste generated; landfill percentage; air pollution, and protected land.

Torbay performs best in safety and security — 105 in the league.

Neighbouring local authority regions perform significantly better.

Teignbridge is at number 64 in the overall most prosperous (coming in the top 100 for safety, health and natural environment).

The Sough Hams does even better, appearing at number 38 on the overall list.

Both neighbouring authorities are among the least successful in terms of business environment.

Exeter is at number 97 on the list.

The most prosperous place in the UK according to the study is Waverley in Surrey. Number 389 is Kingston upon Hull.

The report's author, Harriet Maltby (Head of Policy Research at the Legatum Institute) said: "The UK's cities are letting down many of their residents by failing to turn their higher wealth into real prosperity, a prosperity, as much about wellbeing as wealth.

"They're failing because they are struggling to provide basic life chances to the large numbers who live there.

"If there is no good school for your child, your environment and lifestyle is unhealthy, and you don't have people around you to depend on, then many more life opportunities are closed to you. Theresa May is right to focus on those who feel left behind because this Index proves they have been.

"The challenge for Government is that government alone cannot provide all the answers. Many of the obstacles to prosperity are deeply local. Rather than try to solve the problems, government should better empower local government and communities to take the action they are best placed to know, if true prosperity is to reach everyone"


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  • GasDoctor  |  October 14 2016, 4:05PM

    The major cause of poverty is poor people having children they actually cannot afford. Unfortunately The Government removes child benefit from high rate taxpayers who are the one group you should incentivise to procreate.

    |   1
  • Sarahgreens  |  October 13 2016, 4:39PM

    Thats what happens when you vote for tories and most of you lot couldnt be bothered to vote. Serves you all right

    |   -3
  • The-tourist  |  October 13 2016, 3:59PM

    As a visitor to Torbay for getting on 15 years I can say this last two or three years has seen a big drop in standards. The state of the Strand is disgusting with smack heads and beggars out everyday - never any police there to arrest them for intimidating the public. The local council is a joke - not bothered about the town, only their own interests. The high number of people left roaming about, when they surely should be accompanied by social services, or carers worries me, as does the large number of very young overseas students, who are easy pickings for sexual predators, who are allowed to wander about, on their own at night with teenagers as so called supervisors. Rant over.....for now Sadly, I will be looking around for other holiday venues from next year.

    |   19
  • Sara_at_wknds  |  October 13 2016, 2:50PM

    Always so quick to blame councillors, devonians and Torquay scum... And yet you fail to mention the fantastic job they've done on the regeneration of the harbourside and through to palm court! It's a beautiful area for tourists and locals alike - apart from Costa's that is.... i agree there was no need for that

    |   1
  • Sarahgreens  |  October 13 2016, 12:44PM

    Steveh31 is correct. You devonians love to bury your heads in the sand and then moan when the town is dead. You can vote my comments down all you like as it just gives proof to your dumb thinking. Just go walk down factory row, castle circus and higher union street to see the scum

    |   10
  • steveh31  |  October 13 2016, 10:11AM

    Moofreemama wants lies to be told, try facing up to the truth before you start trying to fix something, Torquay and it's councillors need to face up to the truth before any recovery could start.

    |   6
  • Moofreemama  |  October 13 2016, 9:33AM

    What about some real news instead of the continuous stream of negativity which doesn't aid the town's recovery in any way..?

    |   16
  • Tauntonhobbit  |  October 13 2016, 9:14AM

    Anyone trying to run a business in the Bay could have told them this for free.

    |   13
  • Sarahgreens  |  October 13 2016, 9:06AM

    Hardly worthy of front page news. You only gotta walk around torquay and castle circus to see what a p o o hole torquay is.

    |   -20


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