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Chief UFO photographer 'flabbergasted' after spotting UFO flying across the sky over Dawlish

By HEDanielClark  |  Posted: January 07, 2017

John Mooner The UFO above Dawlish (circled)

The UFO above Dawlish (circled)

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A SELF-PROCLAIMED UFO world expert returned to Dawlish Warren for more investigations after previously spotting a UFO landing in a field to abduct cows for genetic material - and was astonished to see the same UFO flying in the sky again.

On November 25, 2016, John Mooner went to Dawlish Warren spotted what he says is a Ford Transit sized UFO landing in a field in Dawlish

He made a return visit on January 4, 2017, and to his amazement, he spotted the same or a similar UFO flying across the sky.

It comes just days after he spotted the first UFO of 2017 flying above Newton Abbot on Monday.

Mr Mooner, from Newton Abbot, who describes himself as chief photographer for World UFO Photos, said: "I made a return visit to Dawlish Warren to carry out further investigations into my sighting of a UFO that had landed in a farmer's field. I stood in the same position as last time to watch the field and surrounding area for Strange UFO activity. It was cold out but I did not let this deter me from my UFO watch.

"I was there for hours looking in the direction of the field, when to my amazement a similar or maybe the same UFO flew across the sky. I was flabbergasted.

"I started taking photographs as the UFO passed over the field and flew off into the distance.

"The UFO moved so fast that I did not have time to zoom into it. I only just managed to photograph the UFO. I took four Photographs that show the movement of the UFO as pasted over the field. It was absolutely incredible.

"When I got back home I looked at the photographs on my computer and I was able to enlarge the photographs to see the object close up.

"This UFO definitely had no wings and appeared to be oval shaped. This was definitely not a commercial aircraft.

"I feel that this object was the same transit van sized UFO I spotted landing in the field last time.

"The photographs were taken on the 4th of January 2017 at 3:27 PM at Dawlish Warren."


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  • ExeterExciter  |  January 09 2017, 1:11PM

    I'm all for light relief, but the serialisation of this imbecile's work on the site of a local newspaper really does present Devon at its worst. Seriously - let's hope this is the last instalment.

  • Iron-Balls  |  January 08 2017, 5:59AM

    .....oh and have there been any reported missing or stolen cows by any Teignbridge farmers? In my opinion, these intergalactic cattle rustlers MUST BE STOPPED!!

  • Iron-Balls  |  January 08 2017, 4:16AM

    No, that is an actual transit van. I've never seen one with the ability to hover, but I've heard some special models can do it. What are the chances eh... same spot, same field and same deranged, dillusional fantasist buffoon. Can't wait for the next one. Mr Mooner, have they ever 'probed' you or 'harvested' some of your genetic material?


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